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Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson says ADA will become top coin in the market if the current momentum continues

Akash Anand



Cardano [ADA]'s Charles Hoskinson: 'If we keep up our current momentum we will become the leading cryptocurrency in the market'
Source: Pixabay

Proponents of the cryptocurrency market have always played an important role in furthering the mainstream adoption of digital assets by speaking about the latest updates and developments in their respective cryptocurrency network. The latest luminary from the space who talked about its progress was Charles Hoskinson, the Chief Executive Officer [CEO] of IOHK, the organization which handles projects like Cardano [ADA] and Ethereum Classic [ETC].

Hoskinson touched on the various developments within IOHK and the company’s roadmap ahead. He stated that the organization has been building the project in stages while, at the same time, there has has been a lot of pushback and a barrage of negative comments in the space. In his words:

“Despite all the negativity, we have two independent groups working on the protocol while they both learn from each other. One group is ensuring that the creative side of the protocol is still intact while the other works in a much more methodical and precise way. I am pretty confident that if we keep up this momentum, we will be the leading cryptocurrency in the market.”

Speaking about the roadmap, the computer scientist stated that it is due for a significant overhaul and that there were certain clashes regarding it within the company. He said,

“The roadmap design was a product of the project management team and the engineers did not have any ownership of it. This resulted in a lack of cohesion amongst the developers and that is why we are changing it. Instead of huge monthly updates, we are going to go for weekly progress now and you will see updates about the Haskell wallet too.”

Hoskinson added that the organization wanted to launch the Shelley test net during the IOHK summit, but due to certain changes, it had to be delayed again. He has been confident about the release of Shelley this year and has even gone as far as stating that he would eat his own shoe if it does not happen. The CEO also assured users that the second half of the year would be much more methodical and organized with the added advantage of cascading releases rather than sequential releases like usual.

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