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Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson explains his views on the new ‘Cardano Roadmap’




Cardano's Charles Hoskinson explains his views on the new 'Cardano Roadmap'
Source: Unsplash

IOHK shared the redesigned roadmap for Cardano after scrapping the old one. The new roadmap details their vision for Cardano from 2019 through 2021. Charles Hoskinson detailed the reasons that went into the new roadmap in “The Cardano Effect” Podcast on June 9.

IOHK tweeted:

Hoskinson said that roadmap was “the reflection of the philosophy of how something is built” and that the old roadmap was based on percentages and quarters and that once they started building things based on the old roadmap they discovered that things weren’t as simple as they thought they would be.

According to Hoskinson, the old roadmap compared to the project/product management, the actual product delivery process had tuned out of sync with each other. This led to them breaking down the roadmap into steps that could be achieved step-by-step; Byron was the first step in this direction, which is followed by Shelly, Goguen, Basho, and Voltaire.

He further mentioned that Byron was the first step where they built applications and APIs to make sure that they could get on exchanges, third-party apps, etc. This was followed by Shelly, which concentrated on the “decentralization” aspect of Cardano and defining what decentralization means to them. And each ear, be it Byron or Shelly needs to have a demarcation that explains what was accomplished in that particular phase, said Hoskinson.

Hoskinson added:

“So the way that we try to structure this roadmap is to know that these are not necessarily linear, where you do one and you go to the next one in the next one. These things kind of sit on top of each other and they stagger. So you know Byron is nearly done and we’re kind of leaving
that eros so that’s closed out but Shelley is going to keep going because the goal there’s decentralization…”

He said that this roadmap was structured considering the end, where they would need to handover this ecosystem to the Federation of actors and to every single person that cared.

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