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CEO tweets about Cardano [ADA]’s new upcoming wallet

Priyamvada Singh



Charles Hoskinson tweets on Cardano [ADA]'s new upcoming wallet
Source: Pixabay

Charles Hoskinson, the creator of Cardano and leader at IOHK, recently tweeted a few words on his upcoming wallet, which is ‘complementary to the Daedalus wallet’. The new wallet is likely to be launched later this year. Hoskinson’s tweet read:

“Now for that promised end of month ANN. A new wallet is coming soon to the Cardano ecosystem. It’s really exciting and complimentary to Daedalus. I think people are really going to like it. Details coming in August.”

Background on Daedalus wallet:

Daedalus wallet became ready-to-use just earlier this month. Despite having reported issues, the IOHK community was quick in resolving those and providing their customer base an efficient service. The team has also agreed on extracting all the Inter-Process Communication [IPC] logic of Daedalus between the main and the rendering process to another layer. This was done in order to simplify the code and give way to future advancements.

Blair Semenoff, an entrepreneur and a crypto-investor commented:

“Mr. Hoskinson, will this ‘ANN’ upgrade to #Daedalus include the much anticipated staking feature? As an investor I sure hope so! Keep up the great work. Thanks! B #ADA”

Tom, a Cardano follower and Bitcoin enthusiast also said:

“Not sure how hard it is to make or anything but I would love to use an online wallet system like myetherwallet. The sync takes a long time and my pc slow.. :/”

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