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Coinbase Earn expands to over 100 countries; enables customers to earn by learning




Coinbase Earn expands to over 100 countries; enables customers to earn by learning
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Coinbase Earn, one of Coinbase’s ventures that allows users to earn while learning about cryptocurrencies, announced that it would be expanding to over 100 countries, on its official blog post earlier today. This service will be made available to customers starting today, where they will be required to answer questions and complete tasks pertaining to some cryptocurrencies.

The Twitter post read,

Currently, Coinbase Earn users have the opportunity to earn by learning about four leading cryptocurrencies, Stellar Lumens [XLM], ZCash [ZEC], Basic Attention Token [BAT] and 0x [ZRX]. The platform claimed that it would be adding more cryptocurrencies in the near future.

The prominent countries the platform has expanded to includes United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, New Zealand, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Iceland, Luxembourg, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, and Ireland. However, these customers would have to be verified by the platform and will also be required to meet its eligibility criteria.

The exchange stated,

“The rationale behind Coinbase Earn is that as we progress from mining cryptocurrency to buying it to earning it, we open up new opportunities for people to learn about blockchain technology […] anyone with a smartphone in a supported country can now earn crypto while they learn about crypto just by setting up a free Coinbase account.”

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Coinbase, HitBTC, WazirX report Cloudflare outage issues




Source: Unsplash

The world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, reported experiencing intermittent access issues which was traced to a Cloudflare outage. In a blog post, Cloudflare reported that it observed network related issues on Monday morning.

The support team revealed that Cloudflare identified a potential “route leak” which affected some of its IP ranges, shortly after the news broke out on mainstream media. The issue was solved in less than two hours after the network responsible for the route leak was fixed, the official blog post said.

Around the same time, Indian cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX, also reported access issues across its website and apps. The affected companies also included HitBTC, the Hong Kong-based exchange which also reported difficulties in their web interface.

HitBTC noted,

“Half the internet is experiencing the same issues since the cloudflare and many internet routes appear to be down.”

After resolving the issue, Cloudflare, which is a US-based content delivery network service, stated,

“Traffic levels have returned to normal now that the route leak has been fixed. We are now marking this incident as resolved.”

Most of the affected sites showed an error which said, “Connection timed out.” Cloudflare has not revealed the name of the network involved as of yet. It is also unclear if all the affected websites had started operating normally. A myriad of websites including Overcast, Discord, WP Engine,  Sonassi, Feedly, Crunchyroll among many others that completely rely on web hosting or who partner with Cloudflare for their CDN service, were also affected.

The affected areas can be seen in the picture below.

Source: Cloudflare

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