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Coinbase welcomes Tim Wagner as VP Engineering

Anvita M V



Coinbase welcomes Tim Wagner as VP Engineering
Source: Unsplash

On 6th August, Coinbase tweeted a post welcoming Tim Wagner as Vice President of Engineering. Tim Wagner was the former General Manager of Amazon Web Services’ Lambda team. This marks the next step in the company’s strategy to deliver the most trusted and easy to use cryptocurrency offerings.  Tim will now be leading a group of engineers at Coinbase.

Coinbase welcomes Tim Wagner | Source: Twitter

Brian Armstrong’s tweet || Source: Twitter

Wagner was also a part of Amazon’s API Gateway and AWS Serverless App Repository.

Prior to his time at Amazon, Tim spent many years at Microsoft as a Development Manager and later as Director of Development [Visual Studio Ultimate].

Notably, Coinbase stated in their blog that they are now concentrating more on meeting the demands of individuals and business enterprises during this period of accelerated development and continuing to advance the boundaries of cryptocurrency markets.

The company revealed that they are simultaneously creating an infrastructure that will allow them to add more assets to their platform and advance the acceptance of crypto all around the world.

The company stated:

“We have built an amazing engineering team at Coinbase, one which Tim will now lead and expand.”

Coinbase believes that Tim is aligned with the company’s values and beliefs and is passionate about the Coinbase’s mission. Moreover, he has a broad experience with leading great technical organizations Coinbase adds.

The Coinbase team says:

“These qualities, along with his engineering expertise, make him the ideal addition to our team. We couldn’t be more excited to have him on board.”

Engineering is crucial and centric to their mission of creating an open financial system for the world explained Coinbase. The company believes that their mission to create an open financial system is the way to bring about more monetary freedom, change, productivity, and equal opportunities in the world. Coinbase has a ten-year plan to get there.

BG Iradji, a Twitter user tweeted:

“If he could engineer XRP into your offerings that would be great 👍🏻

Twitter user Joseph Jacks commented:

“Woah, huge hire. Congrats gents!”

Another Twitterati, Adam Lee tweeted:

“Remarkable hire. AWS will miss you @timallenwagner. See you soon”

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Economist Stephen Moore joins project touted to be ‘world’s first decentralized crypto central bank’

Biraajmaan Tamuly



Stephen Moore; Former Wall Street editorial board member joins new "mini-Federal" cryptocurrency backed entity
Source: Pixabay

Stephen Moore, former member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board and popular economist, recently attempted to join the Federal Reserve. Alas, he was denied the opportunity. Now, the economist is back in the news again.

According to a report by Fox Business, Moore has joined a group of entrepreneurs who plan to kick-start their very own ‘Federal entity’ named “Decentral,” which incidentally will be labelled as the “the world’s decentralized central bank.”

Sam Kazemian, CEO of Decentral, said that the endeavor’s major objective was to create a new type of central bank that would stabilize virtual assets such as Bitcoin and its counterparts. The bank would work on the same lines as the Federal Reserve does for the U.S economy. Decentral plans to carry forward responsibilities in terms of regulating the supply of cryptocurrencies in the market, in the same manner. Apparently, Decentral will also issue its own crypto tokens in the exchange for other digital assets, with the valuation of the token tied to a stable assessment method.

While Moore has been hired as a Chief Economist, it was reported that his role within the company is still “unclear.” Moore said,

“I am really excited about doing this. I hope it makes me rich.”

Moore also drew comparisons between Facebook’s recently unveiled Libra and Decentral’s offer. He stated that the Decentral crypto would offer a payment method that would be pegged to a stable currency and it would present major uniformity and reliability in the digital asset space, which is often divided among other major cryptos.

Moore added that his employment with a cryptocurrency-backed entity did not create a wedge between his work as an economist. In the current scenario, cryptocurrencies have a huge role to play in the economy, in a way not contradictory to Federal Reserve policies, he added.

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