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Dash set to launch Dash Text, aims to change the cryptocurrency payment game

Akash Anand



Dash set to launch Dash Text, aims to change the cryptocurrency payment game
Source: Unsplash

In a video uploaded by Dash Force on 1st August, users got a glimpse of Dash’s upcoming feature Dash Text, which will be the first SMS wallet service exclusively for the Dash network. Mark Mason, the Dash International Outreach Coordinator was responsible for conducting the interview between officials from Dash Text and Blockcypher where they talked about the feature as well as future plans.

The officials have stated that Dash Text is the first cryptocurrency SMS wallet that will function exclusively for the Dash network and have gone ahead and said that it will be simple and easy to access. The official form of Dash Text has said that the wallet has been created keeping in mind the fact that a lot of people do not possess smartphones and their mobile networks might be faulty. It functions as a cold wallet also and the first trial is being run in Venezuela, a country where Dash has more users than all other cryptocurrencies combined.

Dash Text has also proclaimed that the conditions in Venezuela have given the company the idea to make the application more user-friendly and streamlined.

Lorenzo, an official from Dash Text commented:

“Dash Text is super simple and easy to use. The basic commands are easily accessible and the instructions can be understood by anyone. The company has kept eas of use as a priority and has also enabled the feature of auto-creation of the wallet on a user’s account. The user can press the send or receive button to conduct transactions and in my opinion, the people love it! I will even go as far to say that even my grandmother will find it super simple to use.”

Lorenzo also stated that Dash Text is fully operational in Venezuela right now with the plans to scale up operations soon. He also said that the application that is running in Venezuela is a prototype with the aim to cover most of the population in the country before moving to countries in Africa.

The company has also stated that they want to integrate Dash Text into existing projects. The company believes that this will make it easier for the merchants and consumers who use Dash right now, to make a seamless transition.

The official from Dash Text also commented that countries in Africa and Latin America have shown significant interest in the implementation of Dash Text and it will be done soon. He also stated that Dash Text uses the Application Programming Interface [API] of Blockcypher, with the goal to make security the biggest focus.

Karen, an official from Blockcypher stated that the company ensures the strictest security standards by not storing any of the private keys given by the users. Blockcypher also gives users the chance to provide their own private key management system, stated the official.

Blockcypher has also openheartedly supported the idea of blockchain technology and believes that it will positively impact those people who do not have access to technology.

Dash Text and Blockcypher have stated together that promotion is vital and that incentivization of users is key. The companies have also said that a referral program will be launched soon where existing Dash Text users will be rewarded for getting other people to use the platform. The officials stated that the referral program will be launched on the company’s social media platforms.

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