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Dash reports vulnerabilities in MyDashWallet; urges users to create new HD wallet

Namrata Shukla



Dash reports problems with wallet due to an oversight; urges users to create new HD wallet
Source: Pixabay

Dash informed the community today about an oversight reported with respect to MyDashWallet, a 3rd party wallet; wherein an externally loaded script was reported to send users private keys to a server. Dash’s official Twitter handle further urged users to not use the wallet until the team handles the situation. The Twitter handle tweeted,

“A vulnerability has been found in
please do NOT use the wallet until further notice !
(externally loaded JS sending private keys to a remote server)
#dash #DigitalCash #Crypto”

It is harmful to have any external script loaded and in the wallet’s case, this was the result of an oversight by web developers. Dash explained,

“…the script was unused for a year, but not removed (now is). luckily it is cached and only users that didn’t have it exactly at May 13th when the external site was compromised should have downloaded it.”

Even though the team successfully removed the external library, Dash has asked users to create new Hierarchical Deterministic [HD] wallets and move funds there.

Dash, unlike other major alts, has not been impacted much by Bitcoin’s wavering price. Instead, it has been growing within its ecosystem. In June, 2gether, a European payments app added Dash to its platform, thus allowing the crypto-holder to spend it via a Visa debit card.

Dash, at the fifteenth position on CoinMarketCap, noted a growth of 4.12% over the day, putting its price at $146.10. Despite Dash reporting a loss of 5% over the week, it was trying to make up for the losses at press time, noting a growth of 0.48% within the hour. The market cap of the coin stood at $1.30 billion and the 24-hour trading volume was $243.59 million.

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