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‘DASH’ing through the market DASH makes three new announcements

Tanmay Thakare



'DASH'ing through the market
Source: Pixabay

Cryptocurrencies, since their inception, have taken the world by storm and turned n number of people into millionaires, and one such currency that has contributed consistently in this process is ‘DASH’. Launched in the year 2014, it was originally called ‘X-coin’ which was rechristened as ‘Darkcoin’. It was rebranded again as ‘Dash’ which is a portmanteau of “Digital Cash”.

Dash gives us three new announcements today:

DASH Electrum update:

DASH Upgrade announcement

DASH Upgrade announcement

DASH electrum is a light wallet by DASH. It is an easy to use DASH client based on electrum, providing the customers with a secure key which are not sent to the servers and a wallet which can be recovered from any seed.

DASH Binance Update:

DASH Binance Update

DASH Binance Update

After receiving many complaints from the users regarding their funds on Binance, a affirmation is given mentioning that only the confirmed victims have their API registered keys which are to be used by the trading bots. This means that Binance trading platform has not be compromised. They have disabled the withdrawals for the moment and have reversed all the suspicious trades that were in progress.

DASH available on CoinSwitch:

DASH available on CoinSwitch

DASH available on CoinSwitch

CoinSwitch, one of the widest offering exchange platform offers a trading for more than 250 coins. They have an exchange platform for more than 6000+ crypto pairs.

The founder of DASH, Evan Duffield, designed it in such a way that sets it apart from its competitors. The coins will cease to be mined by the year 2300 and it uses x11algorithm for mining.

The USPs of DASH are:

  • Low transaction fees – transaction fees on an average for dash transactions are $0.1 which is much less than as compared to the competitors.
  • Instant payment – time taken for a transaction is less than one second.
  • Nodes and Masternodes – DASH uses a special network, which uses two types of nodes; nodes and the full nodes or master nodes. The nodes are used by the miners in verifying and generating new coins, whereas the full nodes store the cryptography and the blockchain.
  • Untraceable transactions – it has one feature that makes sure that all the transactions remain private. The feature is named as ‘ private send’.

Remy Dimon, an altcoin miner from Dallas says,

“You know these underdog stories that you hear? Dash is just that. It is just waiting to pounce. It has gr8 potential. It’s the lowest time in the market now. People are going to look back at this time 2 years from now and realize that they have lost out on an making a fortune”

DASH uses incentives as a starting point. The users have to pay for the services and earn a return on the investments they have made. 10% of the returns are reserved for financing future projects at DASH.

The current market capitalization of DASH is $4 billion placing it at number 12 in terms of market capitalization.

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Tanmay is a part of the news reporting team at AMBCrypto. He is a civil servant aspirant with a knack for reading and writing. His interest lies in numismatics and blockchain technology.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] rolls out iOS version of Bitcoin Cash Register

Rishi Raj



Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] recently made headlines when the CEO of, Roger Ver got involved in a bet of $10,000 with Tone Vays, a popular Bitcoin maximalist which the former lost. After launching a free point-of-scale solution, Bitcoin Cash Register for Android operating systems, and its developers have rolled out an iOS version of the same.

Bitcoin Cash register allows anyone with an Android or iOS device to accept BCH payments. This came as a part of the company’s agenda to promote the adoption of crypto in the mainstream. With the installment Bitcoin Cash Register, it would be easier for retailers to accept BCH as payment from customers.

As reported by, Bitcoin Cash Register claims to be easy to use without any prior account registration and the transactions are carried out in a non-custodial manner. This was confirmed by via a tweet:

The bet between Roger Ver and Tone Vays regarding the low transaction fee had left the social media divided, with proponents on both sides arguing about the authenticity of the bet and factors taken into consideration while betting.

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