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Dogecoin’s [DOGE] Jackson Palmer takes a social media hiatus; deletes YouTube channel, goes private on Twitter

Akash Anand



Dogecoin's [DOGE] Jackson Palmer takes a social media hiatus; deletes YouTube channel, goes private on Twitter
Source: Pixabay

Twitter has been a platform for a lot of controversies in the cryptocurrency space, mainly because of clashes between proponents and discussions on the latest technological developments. The latest tectonic shift in the crypto Twitterverse was related to Jackson Palmer, the creator of Dogecoin [DOGE], and his actions on social media handles.

Eagle-eyed users noticed that Palmer first removed videos and other content from his YouTube channel, after which he made his Twitter account private. Though no solid reason can be attributed to the computer programmer removing his profile, some users online speculate that it was done after Palmer received a lot of backlash after a recent discussion.

Ar_crypto, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, commented:

“On Twitter, he had a skeptic – analytic position about cryptocurrency and blockchain and it was always refreshing to many, myself included, to listen to his opinion and for that he had many followers and he managed to produce a lot of quality conversation. But more recently he focused more on other issues like identity politics for which he got a lot of negative replies as one would expect. That probably influenced his decision to delete Twitter as well as the prevalent tribal mentality in many cryptocurrency communities.”

Palmer himself had given an explanation for deleting his YouTube channel, citing the reason as other users impersonating him online for nefarious activities. Palmer had been in the news earlier when he had exchanged notes with Elon Musk on Twitter about stopping bots spamming user’s feeds. In response to Musk’s request to get rid of the spammers, Palmer had tweeted:

“If you DM me (your DMs aren’t open), I’ll send you the script – it’s short, simple and you just run it with cron somewhere.”

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