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DomusCoins – Stabilizing the market by combining real estate and blockchain

Prerana Sarkar



Domuscoins - Stabilizing the market by combining real estate and blockchain
Source: DomusCoins

DomusCoins is a platform that revolutionizes the real estate industry with Blockchain Technology. It aims at building bridges between the industry and the technology while making it efficient with the help of cryptocurrencies by providing transparency, security, reliability, and diffusion in the market.

DomusCoins is backed by Ethereum ERC20. The coin is valued at $1 USD at the ICO, the minimum purchase is set at $250 through bank transfers and $5 [5 DOCs] through cryptocurrencies.

The value of the coin is based on the real estate assets purchased by the company. In order to offer mix and reliable real estate market, many promising locations with high growth potential such as Dubai, London, New York, Zurich and Ho Chin have already been selected. This opens a door for a more reliable and stable growth of the coin and in return decreases the chance of surges of the coins making the holders the most benefited.

DOCs allows users the benefit of owning a property without a need for lawyers or authorities to be registered. Investors will earn their returns in DOCs when the properties are rented out and will be given a portion of the profit when a property is sold.

Key Features of DomusCoin:

  • Effective Service – Investors will be charged with little or no money as it is based on the most efficient blockchain network that provides speed and minimizes time wastage.
  • Immediate Payment – Transfers are regulated and executed automatically by the smart contracts.
  • Peer to Peer Payment Service – This allows users to make a direct transfer without the intervention of a middleman.
  • Web wallet Services – This unique feature allows users to engage in transactions which are both commercial and non-commercial in a fast and efficient manner.

The company plans to perform additional token sales in the future once the market conditions are in favor of the same. This allows the company to earn additional funds required for future implementation and increases the assets and the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies. The initial funds will be used to reach out builders and purchase properties in high touristic spots such as Dubai or London. The company’s main focus will be on high spending customers and on offering all the top luxurious items in order promote the coin and the company.

To know more about DomusCoins, Click Here!

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Prerana Sarkar is a part of AMBCrypto's News Reporting Team from January 2018. She is a Journalism major from Mount Carmel with two years of writing experience in Bitcoin and Blockchain related articles. Prerana does not hold any value in cryptocurrency or its projects


Blockchain Whispers launched the second season of Crypto Signals World Championship

Guest Author



Blockchain Whispers launched the second season of Crypto Signals World Championship
Source: Twitter

Blockchain Whispers opened the qualifications for its infamous, mega-popular Crypto Signals World Championship.

Last time there were 132 traders participating. Only 9 qualified, passing the strict Blockchain Whispers accuracy requirements. These are their results:

Source: Blockchain Whispers

Source: Blockchain Whispers

The trader who won the championship under the code name of b3y made whopping 1380.77% profit, for its followers in easy-to-follow trades, posted on Blockchain Whispers system.

What Is Blockchain Whispers Crypto Signals World Championship?

Top traders from all over the world gather to win the main prize. 100% of the income generated from their massive following of the signals.

Once the qualified traders spot the attractive trade, they post it publicly in Blockchain Whispers exchange-grade system which makes sure:

  1. You have enough time to follow the signal
  2. The signal is trade-able [no system overloads, enough time, Liquidity]

The followers automatically follow the trade they like and the system tracks the accuracy of each trader.

New about this round is Blockchain Whispers’ auto-trading, so you can just select traders whose results and method of trading you like and the system will automatically trade it for you.

There are three levels of the following:

  1. Free: you get to see about 20% of all signals, enough for you to witness accuracy and earn for.
  2. Paid-to-follow: for just 0.0062 BTC, you unlock 90% of the signals from the world’s best crypto traders. It is designed to make you really happy for being in crypto at this stage.
  3. Premium, the ultimate one: Blockchain Whispers’ premium membership where the winners are clearer and we know a small group in the finals, that is, having an incredible edge. Blockchain Whispers will show it only to their premium followers which besides the signals get some private investment opportunities.

Blockchain Whispers is a group, infamous for calling at the beginning of the bear market, saving their followers a lot of money before the dip. They announced in bear 2018 the 20x coin Pundi X making its followers twenty times the investment among other wins. For all their achievements check these two pages: proof and premium.

If you are a trader that has what it takes or a trader who wants more green, more winning profitable trades, you should check Blockchain Whispers Crypto Signals World Championship now. Especially now in these uncertain times in crypto, every advantage, edge, profitable advice helps.

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