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Donald Trump shows concern about the $23.6 million worth Bitcoin [BTC] seized by ICE HSI

Ketaki Dixit



Donald Trump re-tweets about the $23.6 million worth Bitcoin seized by ICE HSI
Source: Pexels

On 27th June, Immigrant and Customs Enforcement [ICE] Homeland Security Investigation [HSI] New York seized about 2000 Bitcoin [BTC] worth around $23.6 million. The Bitcoin [BTC]’s were seized during an operation launched by the ICE HSI against U.S darknet vendors.

The operation was led by the Homeland Security Investigation along with the U.S Attorney’s Office for the South District of New York who impersonated to be money launderers exchanging dollars for virtual currency on the Darknet market. The operation led to the identification of many Darknet vendors and the arrest of more than 35 vendors.

The Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein says:

“Criminals who think that they are safe on the Darknet are wrong. We can expose their networks and are determined to bring them to justice. Today we arrested more than 35 alleged Darknet vendors. We seized their weapons, their drugs, and $23.6 million of their ill-gotten gains.”

According to the report, the operation led to the seize of around 2000 Bitcoin [BTC] and other cryptocurrencies which were approximately worth more than $20 million. They also seized Bitcoin mining devices, vacuum sealers and computer equipment along with various other things.

Donald Trump retweeting the news

Donald Trump retweeting the news

The successful operation has gained the attention of Donald J. Trump, the President of the United States of America. The re-tweet of the news shows both positive and negative response where one side is seen praising the ISE HSI and other still slamming the government for its decision which separates immigrant children from their family.

Karen, a Republican says:

“STAY THE COURSE ICE! Show these American Patriots what you can do! The American people are with you 💯% The left movement is dying.”

Stella, a Twitterati says:

“With money coming in like that, abolish what?”

Ryan Hill, a candidate running for Michigan’s 13th U.S. Congressional District says:

“Was this before or after they stole 2,000 crying, scared children from their parents…. Asking for a friend”

Marianne Hofer, a supporter of Donald Trump says:

“Well done, ICEgov! There’re just doing their jobs, and might I add, a damn good one at that! “

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Ketaki Dixit is a Journalism major from Jain University. She has about 1-year experience in the field and is passionate about blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world.