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Dr. Doom lets loose on the crypto-community as Hayes-Roubini debate looms




Dr. Doom lets loose on the crypto-community; as jitters of the Hayes-Roubini debate emerge
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Nouriel Roubini is as integral to the cryptocurrency community as the Joker is to Batman. A devious menacing foe setting fire to crypto-trolls and not, Gotham City, Roubini is an important member of the space, with his cynical views necessary to the purity and critical examination of the industry.

Fondly referred to as “Dr. Doom” for making a slew of accusations against the cryptocurrency industry, Roubini is all set for the much-talked about “Tussle in Taipei” against NYU Stern School of Business Professor/Economist and CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes.

Everyone has a ritual prior to a big performance. While some listen to their favorite song and others indulge in their favorite meal, Nouriel Roubini takes to Twitter to call Bitcoin proponents names.

In a recent barrage of attacks, the economist took aim at criminality within the cryptocurrency space, while taking a direct shot at Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance.

After CZ, quite hilariously, likened the possibility of BTC-basher, Roubini, being Satoshi Nakamoto, Dr. Doom was not impressed. In a blunt reply, he called the Binance CEO a “jerk,” and since we’re on the topic of comparisons, Roubini called out CZ as a “snake oil peddler.” New Binance Listing alert!

Roubini’s full response read,

If you thought Dr. Doom would leave his criticism at that, you don’t know the cryptocurrency community and Nouriel Roubini very well.

He added,

As Roubini’s harsh words descended upon the cryptocurrency markets, so did the bears. Maybe there is a correlation?

Bitcoin dropped below the $10,000 mark, following its 5 percent hourly drop, as the entire market fell under the $300 billion mark. Altcoins also saw a major pullback as major coins including Ethereum, Litecoin and Tron were in the depths of the fall, dropping by 3 percent over the hour.

Roubini did miss the opportunity to ride high on the bearish onslaught. However, even by his standards, the economist might have gone too far. He predicted that Bitcoin will not only drop to zero, but it will soon descend to a “negative” valuation, owing to its “toxic externalities.” Without question, this one took the cake.

Dr. Doom concluded,

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