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Education Ecosystem Partners with Decentraland University for Virtual Reality Content

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Education Ecosystem Partners with Decentraland for Virtual Reality Content
Source: Education Ecosystem

Education Ecosystem and Decentraland University have announced a partnership in order to build more virtual reality projects for learners and developers. Education Ecosystem is the YouTube for professional development where people learn how to build products in future technological fields. Decentraland University is the educational district within Decentraland, a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

VR is a field which will revolutionize the world and both companies expect to have a major impact on this revolution in their own unique ways. The strategic partnership is ideal as both platforms stand to benefit tremendously from working together. This partnership will include LiveEdu, the first product of the Education Ecosystem and Decentraland University, a district within Decentraland’s virtual reality metaverse.

Education Ecosystem is building a decentralized learning ecosystem and provides VR as one of the main topics on their LiveEdu platform. Project creators build projects related to VR and viewers watch these projects to improve their skills in the field; both project creators and viewers are rewarded for their activities on the platform with LEDU coins.  

As part of the partnership, LiveEdu will create a series of project videos that demonstrate how to build on Decentraland. LiveEdu will make their platform available for Decentraland users to showcase their talent and monetize their content. Decentraland University District will provide LAND parcels on the Decentraland University Campus, where content related to this partnership can be created. Decentraland University will also screen some LiveEdu content in a VR environment.

Decentraland University’s lead, James Ashton, had this to say regarding the partnership:

“We are very excited to be pushing forwards with the partnership we have agreed with LiveEdu. Under our agreement, we will provide LAND on which developers can create tutorials. This will expose Decentraland University to the LiveEdu community of engineers, who will create courses focusing on VR development with the Decentraland SDK. These courses can be viewed in the VR Academy by students or on the LiveEdu site.”

Partnerships such as this, with other companies fully embracing future technology trends, will facilitate the creation of hundreds of projects, allowing Education Ecosystem to reach their goal of transforming the $306 billion professional development market.

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