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EEA launches the first enterprise Ethereum [ETH] architecture stack

Ketaki Dixit



EEA launches the first Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack today
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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA] announced the launch of Enterprise Ethereum Architecture Stack today. The world’s biggest blockchain consortium, EEA’s standards-based approach provides a superior customer experience and enables the creation of news and innovation solutions.

The EEA says:

“This stack defines the building blocks needed to drive the Web 3.0 era of decentralized, connective intelligence—the next generation of Enterprise Ethereum applications that, like the Internet, will work anywhere and are capable of facilitating smart contracts without intermediaries. The stack… incorporates components developed by the Ethereum Foundation.”

With an aim to develop Ethereum based private blockchains, the EEA works towards customizing Ethereum for industry players and has a team of 500 organizations and User and Technical Working Groups which comprise of 20 members.

As Ethereum public blockchain is the base for private blockchains, they could be supporting the public blockchain and allow communication or connection between private and public blockchains.

EEA said in a statement:

“Until recently, developing an enterprise blockchain solution required organizations to build from the ground up either using their own enterprise-friendly implementation of Ethereum or other variations of a private-permissioned Enterprise Ethereum application.”

EEA’s Architecture Stack solves these issues, and Ethereum developers can write a code which can enable interoperability. This will also promote proprietary offerings over EEA specification-based solutions.

Ron Resnick, the Executive Director of EEA said:

“The EEA’s standards-based approach enables enterprises to deliver a superior customer experience and create new and innovative solutions. Plus, having multiple vendors of choice will likely mean competition will drive down costs.”

He further added that world-class standards-based specification is provided for Enterprise Ethereum solutions through the release of the stack. “having multiple vendors of choice will likely mean competition will drive down costs.” he said.

A Redditor commented:

“lol, sad truth for now….. If it was BTC it would goto 50k. ETH will have its day eventually. Just be patient.”

A developer commented:

“It wouldn’t be good news if there wasn’t a selloff!”

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Ketaki Dixit is a Journalism major from Jain University. She has about 1-year experience in the field and is passionate about blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world.

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