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Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA] to be joined by Request Network Foundation

Anoushka Shrestha



Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA] to be joined by Request Network Foundation
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On 5th July, the Request Network Foundation, a decentralized Ethereum-based payment system, announced that they have joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance [EEA], one of the largest blockchain initiatives in the world.

Source: Twitter

Tweet by the Request Network | Source: Twitter

The Request Network [REQ] allows developers to augment their own financial applications and anyone can use it to request payments. These transactions are made in a secure way with all the information stored in a decentralized ledger.

The EEA is a not-for-profit built to customize Ethereum for industry players. It aims to build software that is proficient in handling the most complex applications.

REQ has announced that they will be collaborating with EEA industry leaders ‘in pursuit of Ethereum-based enterprise technology best practices, open standards, and open-source reference architectures.’ The REQ will be working directly with experts in the EEA in developing an interoperability standard for blockchain financial transactions.

Along with the announcement came a statement from Christophe Fonteneau, Head of Strategic Partnerships from REQ. He said: 

“We are excited to join the EEA. The EEA offers us the ability to work with leaders in the financial industry to address specific, enterprise-based use cases. We look forward to helping define the building blocks need to drive the Web 3.0 era of decentralized, connective intelligence.”

EEA members include more than 500 companies that represent business sectors from regions all over the world, inclusive of banking, government, technology, energy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, marketing, and insurance.

REQ aims to eventually become the top platform for payment in multiple industries, especially next-generation platforms such as virtual reality and cryptocurrency tax payment systems.

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