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EOS [EOS] adds support for wallet usernames, users rejoice!

Anirudh VK



EOS [EOS] adds support for wallet usernames, users rejoice!
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EOS added a feature prior to its mainnet launch where every wallet has been assigned a unique 12 character name. EOS has its mainnet launch coming up on 2nd June.

The wallet users’ have the ability to set a 12 character username, stored on the blockchain and used to transfer and push transactions to the blockchain. The account names given to pre-existing users cannot be changed prior to the mainnet launch. The names exist as globally-unique identifiers, which means users cannot repeat usernames.

The reason for 12 characters was detailed in a blog post on GitHub where it was clarified that the average for usernames is usually around 11 characters and that the benefits of designing UI with shorter names would enable more user interface uses.

EOS authority, a Reddit user, and EOS block producer candidate clarified that Scatter and all wallets will receive the same address. The username can also be used as a public account name to send and receive payments.

Reddit users rejoiced over the update, with user tiny_rose saying:

“Damn, that’s cool I have always found keys to be easily lost and hard to remember.”

User whizzer2 said:

“Very nice to know, thank you for sharing.”

User djuniore29 excitedly said:

“Heeeeeey! I haven’t checked mine yet. Nothing has ever excited me like this in a while!”

EOS saw a slight increase in price over the last week, presumably due to the hype from the mainnet launch. It started the week at a high of $14.51 on May 15th. It went down to low of $12.06 the very next day. It then went on a ride with the bulls the next day, with a strong rally to $13.83 on May 17th.

The value of the token slowly went down and rallied over a few days around the high $12 and low $13 mark. It saw a sharp growth on May 20 from $13.69 to $14.17, before receding below the $14 resistance. It hovered around the $13 mark before trading now at $13.06.  

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