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Ethereum Classic [ETC] community welcomes Atlantis Hard Fork

Yash Rajan



Ethereum Classic [ETC] community cheerfully supports the ETC upgrade - Atlantis Hard Fork
Source: Pixabay

Ethereum Classic [ETC] had declared a major upgrade to their blockchain, through the Atlantis hardfork. It focused on increasing the functionality and stability of ETC blockchain and plans to promote collaboration between sibling blockchains, in addition to ensuring compatibility with Ethereum. This came into effect after a consensus was achieved during the meeting scheduled with diverse members of the ETC community, many ranging from North America, Asia, and Europe.

According to the official announcement, the dedicated development team from ETC Core Labs collaborated with ChainSafe Systems, and will boost the upgradation procedure with help from big names in the crypto-industry such as ECC, Parity, IOHK, and the entire ETC community to carry out the Atlantis Hard Fork as scheduled.

Geth, a multipurpose command line tool, is designed to run an entire Ethereum Classic node as the team has finished the technical development incorporating ETC’s main client, Classic Geth. As 68% of the ETC network utilizes Classic Geth, these steps were vital for preparations associated with Atlantis upgrade. Freshly submitted code with unique features have been applauded by many crypto-experts, in addition to the high-quality of technological developments associated with the public blockchain. On similar grounds, @Amentum tweeted,

“The ETC community has seemingly come to consensus on the block height for their Atlantis upgrade. Very exciting! Great work to everyone in their distributed, global community.”

In response, @eth_classic humbly tweeted,

“Great to see @Amentum supporting ETC!”

The development team initiated the trial version over the testnet for discovering and fixing bugs. As the tests went smoothly after the removal of errors that emerged during the merging of the current code with the native existing code, the process became more systematic. All ETC community members and enthusiasts fully engaged themselves in the procedure.

The team will focus on building a high-quality blockchain software in order to preserve the security of the network, along with recognizing the opinions of all members. The Atlantis hardfork will provide an effective and efficient blockchain in the offing.

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