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Ethereum Classic [ETC] upgrades wallet: The Emerald launch!

Simran Alphonso



Ethereum Classic [ETC] upgrades wallet: The Emerald launch!
Source: Pixabay

ETCDEV Team released Emerald Wallet v1.0.0 to the ETC community. This time last year, ETCDEV Team released the first alpha version of the Emerald Wallet!

Ethereum Classic [ETC] tweeted:

“With much love  @ETCDEV Team is happy to release Emerald Wallet v1.0.0 to the ETC community. ” ETCDEV Releases Emerald Wallet v1.0 – Fetch transaction history – UI/ UX improvements – Get Token by address #BUIDL $ETC #EthereumClassic #ClassicIsComing”

The Emerald Wallet is an Ethereum Classic Wallet part of a broader project known as the Emerald Platform. All releases of Emerald Wallet can be located on the Github of ETC.

The major updates include account related queries such as creating and managing accounts, importing accounts using Keystore file, private key, Ledger Nano S or BIP39 Mnemonic phrase, naming accounts, creating and managing address book of accounts and printing paper wallets.

They have also added tokens by addresses.

The other updates include:


  • Point to full or light node
  • Point to Mainnet or Testnet node

Along with these updated capabilities, the wallet has been improved as follows:


  • Removed description field for accounts.
  • Upgraded React version 15.6.1 to 16.2.0
  • Improved UI for hiding an account.
  • Upgraded node to 8.11.1.
  • Improved UI for editing accounts.

The previous release had a few fixation requirements which have been taken care of since the update as fixed the following:


  • Differing NodeJs versions
  • Block progress during sync
  • Alignment of the error message
  • Temporarily enforced min-width for reflow issues in condensed views
  • Dialog rendering inaccurate tx value
  • Fixed getting and removing of Tokens

ETCDEV team is an independent team of software engineers and professionals who on core Ethereum Classic projects.

ETCDEV team maintains Classic Geth, a main client for the ETC blockchain and has contributed original projects such as; Emerald Platform, to help others develop on the ETC blockchain; Emerald Wallet for end users and SputnikVM as a standalone, modular, embeddable and IoT ready EVM.

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Simran Alphonso is a Journalist at Ambcrypto. She has a background in Financial Markets and holds expertise in Digital Marketing.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] rolls out iOS version of Bitcoin Cash Register

Rishi Raj



Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] recently made headlines when the CEO of, Roger Ver got involved in a bet of $10,000 with Tone Vays, a popular Bitcoin maximalist which the former lost. After launching a free point-of-scale solution, Bitcoin Cash Register for Android operating systems, and its developers have rolled out an iOS version of the same.

Bitcoin Cash register allows anyone with an Android or iOS device to accept BCH payments. This came as a part of the company’s agenda to promote the adoption of crypto in the mainstream. With the installment Bitcoin Cash Register, it would be easier for retailers to accept BCH as payment from customers.

As reported by, Bitcoin Cash Register claims to be easy to use without any prior account registration and the transactions are carried out in a non-custodial manner. This was confirmed by via a tweet:

The bet between Roger Ver and Tone Vays regarding the low transaction fee had left the social media divided, with proponents on both sides arguing about the authenticity of the bet and factors taken into consideration while betting.

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