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Ethereum [ETH] blockchain-based Request Network partners with WikiMedia

Anirudh VK



Ethereum [ETH] blockchain-based Request Network partners with WikiMedia
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Request Network announced on its blog today that they would be partnering with Wikimedia Foundation Inc., an American non-profit and charitable organization known for being the foundation behind Wikipedia.

Request Network is a payment request network built on the Ethereum blockchain which works across legislations and global currency to provide the ability to send and receive payment requests without the need for an intermediary. It has processed 200 transactions within its first month on the Ethereum blockchain.

Request Network’s official blog post states that:

“As a true leader in innovation through its Wikipedia platform, globally known for being a free and decentralized online encyclopedia and a top-ten internet property, the Wikimedia Foundation reinforces its leading status by widely integrating blockchain technology on its platform.”

This partnership aims to bring the integration of cryptocurrency donations to Wikimedia through the Request Network, allowing it to become one of the first organizations that will soon allow its donors to support projects with any digital currency.

This partnership aims to bring transparency to the donation process, whose management has always been difficult for both donors and recipients. The use of the blockchain in this aspect will allow donors to see the donations that they make occur in real time using an Ethereum block explorer website like etherscan.

Another important aspect of this partnership is that there is no third party involved. The use of Request Network for donations allow for the transfer of funds without an intermediary and “instantly”, which the company notes:

“…can be the difference between life and death in crisis situations.”

The pilot for this partnership will be led by the France chapter of Wikimedia. The Foundation notes that:

“The blockchain technology offers a total and permanent visibility on the amount collected, which allows Wikimédia France to continue its transparency policy. This partnership between Request Network illustrates the concrete applications of blockchain technology in the world of enterprise and other organizations.”

Redditors rejoiced over the partnership, with user The_D_boy saying:

“Now partnering with a top 10 global website and top 4 accounting firm. Req is targeting the big boys!”

User dakhguy said:

“Good news for crypto in general. Adoption is the only real way to move forward!”

Request Network also added support for Bitcoin and various ERC20 tokens including DGX, DAI, OMG, KNC, & REQ.

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Anirudh VK is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. He has a passion for writing and interest towards the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He does not own any cryptocurrencies currently.

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