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Ethereum [ETH] can directly be purchased on Opera’s built-in wallet




Ethereum [ETH] can directly be purchased on Opera's built-in wallet
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Ethereum [ETH], the third largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has marked another milestone in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. The coin has gained massive support from Opera, one of the leading web-browsers across the globe.

According to the latest announcement on Twitter, Opera can be used to buy Ethereum [ETH] from its browser-based wallet by all the android users almost instantly. This service, however, is available only in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The initial announcement regarding the integration of cryptocurrency wallet in the mobile browser was made in December 2018.

This was made possible with the company’s partnership with Safello, a Swedish platform that allows users to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The firm is the main reason Opera has come up with a seamless way to process cryptocurrency purchase on its platform. The details of the users will be sent to Safello automatically, allowing these users to purchase Ethereum without going through the hassle of creating a profile on the crypto-brokerage platform.

In addition, users can also purchase cryptocurrency with debit/credit cards and trusted payment networks. Opera claims that with this new product, users will be able to buy cryptocurrency in “less than a minute”.

Notably, Safello is a regulated platform and has registered with Sweden’s Financial Supervisory Authority. According to its official website, the platform abides by the Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your-Customer policies laid down by the regulatory bodies. More so, the firm also works with regulatory bodies and financial institutions to ensure practice like money laundering do not take place through the platform.

Frank Schuil, CEO of Safello said on Reddit:

“Consider Opera’s 320 million users compared to overall crypto adoption. They have an integrated wallet and buying functionality.”

Vesquam, a Redditor said:

“I always herd that it was more popular in Europe, hence the selected country “Norway, Denmark and Sweden have access to the service”

Ashley, a Twitterati said:

“I like that now the browser contains a wallet. Opera did the good business! It is really convenient. However, who can explain is opera wallet safer than wallet on exchanges or not?”

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Ethereum [ETH] witnessed 6 of 10 of its highest usage days in the past three weeks despite bear attacks

Akash Anand



Source: Pixabay

Ethereum [ETH]’s movement on the cryptocurrency charts has been termed ‘slow’ or ‘unresponsive’ by many people involved in the world of digital assets. This subtle attack on the Vitalik Buterin co-founded network has been a prolonged process with many betting on the “death of the Ethereum network” due to the rise of faster and more efficient technologies and blockchain networks.

The second largest cryptocurrency, however, seems to have taken all these comments in stride as new data emerged that 6 of the 10 highest usage days in Ethereum’s history occurred over the past 3 weeks. Data from showed a rise to a peak as Ethereum recovered well after the downturn in mid-January. The astounding peaks in terms of usage were also made evident when compared to the usage data in December/January 2018, the time period when the cryptocurrency market had reached its all-time high.

Some users in the cryptocurrency space were still critical about the data, with dk_holdnaut, a cryptocurrency enthusiast tweeting:

“I have never seen or even heard about anyone using any Ethereum app. If it was truly decentralized and censorship resistant I believe the people that value these perks the most atm and have the most funds to devote would’ve build a drug market dApp by now.”

However, Ethereum’s competition, EOS and Tron are not far behind. Just recently Tron, the Justin Sun-led cryptocurrency had announced that the TRX mainnet had crossed 2.5 million accounts, beating Ethereum with 8 million blocks. Ethereum, despite having the chronological advantage, had only 7.5 million blocks.

Ethereum had taken another hit when EOS set the record for the most number of cryptocurrency transactions in one day. Daniel Larimer, the CTO of had tweeted:

“#eos recently set a record of over 70m actions processed in one day. An average of over 810 actions per second. Our team is making great strides in further optimization and scaling. #B1JUNE”

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