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Ethereum [ETH]’s market rut deepens as ICO sell-off continues




Ethereum [ETH]'s market rut deepens as ICO sell off continues

The cryptocurrency market continues to be struck down by the bearish market irrespective of showing the green sign at the beginning of this month. The main reason for the drop at the start of the month is believed to be a massive sale by the whales in the market.

Since then, the cryptocurrencies have been falling in the market along with some signs of recovery. However, Ethereum [ETH] still continues to be the most affected cryptocurrency in the market. The second biggest virtual currency has plunged to its lowest value for the year.

According to CoinMarketCap, at press time, the coin was trading at $171 with a market cap of $17 billion. The coin has plummeted by more than 11% in the past 24 hours. The lowest the coin has fallen for the day is $167.

Ethereum [ETH] price fluctuation for the day | Trading View

Ethereum [ETH] price fluctuation for the day | Source: Trading View

The market speculators believe that the reason for the price drops is the sell-off of the ETH by the ICOs which they raised for their projects. This is either due to the bear’s grip of the cryptocurrency market which has resulted in the ICOs incurring loss or the project in itself have failed to reach their goal.

In addition, almost $30 million dollars worth of Ethereum [ETH] was sold by the ICOs in the market just last week, which records as the highest in the past 2 months. Furthermore, the US Securities and Exchanges Commission [SEC] suspended the Bitcoin and Ethereum ETNs for over 10 days which also led to a slight decline in the price of the cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, the Co-Founder of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin said that the value of ETH is going to reach zero if there are no protocol update implemented on it. He also said that there is not going to be another 1000x growth in the price of cryptocurrencies. This, however, is contradictory to the belief of many including Justin Sun, the Founder of Tron Foundation.

Agnfab, a Redditor said:

“ETH. The shitcoins father”

Willzyx01, another Redditor said:

“$0.46 eth please. ETH is the new moviepass.”

While the Ethereum’s price is going down the hill, Bitcoin [BTC]’s dominance over the market has reached the peak. The currency Bitcoin dominance is 58%. According to CoinMarketCap, Bitcoin [BTC] was trading at $6290 with a market cap of $108 billion.

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Priya is a full-time member of the reporting team at AMBCrypto. She is a finance major with one year of writing experience. She has not held any value in Bitcoin or other currencies.


How does Baer Chain’s ecological planning attract us?

Guest Author



How does Baer Chain's ecological planning attract us?
Source: Pixabay

Hello everyone, we are the “Gourmet Food” from the food video production team in Taiwan.

At first, everyone gathered together through the blog and went to explore the various foods that will disappear in the village. We will also record the video and then upload to the network.

Later, more and more users followed us, and the outstanding talents gathered together to become the ultimate food – Polar, and our members have a number of food videos which have already uploaded in Instagram.

We have been exploring all the time, trying to build a network video platform that can combine blockchain technology, so that everyone can not only exchange video production experience but also protect intellectual property through technology, also it could encourage our community members to have more creative play makes, and make people all over the world find more delicious food and fall in love with it.

We are participating in the Baer Chain’s supernode campaign this time. We are not only hoping that the Taiwanese food videos shot by Polar can be seen by more people on a larger platform but also want to learn how Baer Chain builds ecology advantages.

Because Baer Chain has more than just games, there are more diverse players and a high level of consensus on maintaining ecological viscosities. The active interaction and mutual understanding between members, mutual prosperity and symbiotic relationship make us yearn for.

As a breakthrough and sublimation of the Baer Chain ecological consensus, the MEP Million Ecological Project continues focusing on the diversified ecological composition and the close relationship between members, which will bring innovative and lasting impact to the entire ecological structure.

In addition, Baer Chain also cleverly combines blockchain technology with prosperous ecology and a tempting cookie reward mechanism to create a platform for platform operators, game developers and players to win by satisfying market demand. These are all we can learn from exploring the blockchain technology.

Therefore, we really hope to join this ecological platform with unlimited potential and vitality. If we are fortunate enough to be successful, we will also connect our long-standing brand and traffic communication advantages to Baer Chain, and make more people join us!

More info, please visit the website or our official link.

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