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Ethereum expected to go through a hard fork on 19th Jan – EtherZero

Anoushka Shrestha



EtherZero - The hard fork of Ethereum

There have been many hard forks that Ethereum and Bitcoin have been through but market observers believe the Ethereum hard fork called EtherZero (ETZ) expected on 19th Jan’ 2018 will be the most profound of them all.

The key things to look out for:

  • Fork height: 4936270 block
  • Time: Jan 19th 2018 GMT 19:00-21:00
  • Allocation: Total supply is about 116 million ETZ

With a team of 20 people from different countries, proficient DAPP developers, the key changes in this hard fork would be the masternode system, Autonomous community governance system and much more. The developers aim to get ETZ at 10% market value to that of Ethereum in the short term future which would theoretically mean that ETZ prices would touch $70 for a token.

An ETZ Comparison chart

EtherZero: An ETZ Comparison chart

The EtherZero (ETZ) team plans to sell up to 2 million coins which will help them enter the major exchanges and bring in some liquidity.

“I think this would be a great project. We do need improved currencies to tackle with problems coming with increase in use” says Yudhistir, an ETZ forum member, he continues, “Recently Ethereum congestion has disrupted the entire market based on it. It also makes us think of a multiple of option for it”

Skeptical comments from multiple forum users were also noticed like “freedomno” says, “It’s still too fresh to process I’ll keep a neutral look on it now and see how this goes. Github and whitepaper would be useful to have”

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Anoushka is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto, passionate about writing with a degree in B.A. Combined Humanities. She holds no value in cryptocurrencies currently.

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