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FolleX – The combination of an advanced crypto exchange with an interactive social media platform

Sthuthie Murthy



FolleX Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform
Source: FolleX

FolleX is an exchange platform focusing on integrating user’s social profiles inside the public trading community and aims to become the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The platform allows users to follow successful traders and copy their trading tactics; the traders are in turn rewarded for being outstanding in the trading platform.

FolleX interface is designed to be user-friendly, simple and focuses on facilitating first-time traders. The main focus is to raise a knowledge sharing community operating in a simple and secure environment. FolleX has an addition of 24 languages and 30+ fiat currencies and in turn, provides global access to all the traders on its platform.

The integration of critical features makes FolleX one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges of its kind in the crypto-exchange space. Users are offered a range of crucial information and trading tools which will assist them to trade effectively and efficiently at the right time in the market. The platform even allows successful and verified ICO to enlist their coin/ token on an exchange at no cost.

The platform offers rich features on its trading platform which has never been offered before by any crypto exchange platform. Users are allowed to make their trading decisions by watching or copying other successful traders on the platform. FolleX opens the door for users to views community members’:

  • Social Profile
  • Number of days they’ve traded on the platform
  • Trading portfolio data
  • Trade success rate, average daily profit/ loss
  • Open, pending and closed orders
  • Community position rating
  • Analysed trader risk rating

FolleXTM will be offering its own ICO, Social Exchange Token [SET] on its platform and the token will be listed on the cryptocurrency exchange, Ether Delta. The token is powered by ERC20 which allows token holders to trade the token within the platform. The token is also used to reward top performing traders on the FolleX platform who make transactions through the SET token. Users can even waive off the trading fee in exchange for a SET token.

For Eg:

“A $10,000 trade at a commission of 0.3% would cost $30, or 1 SET token relinquished by the holder. A minimum trading fee of $5 effectively gives the token a minimum value of $5 within the FolleX exchange platform.”

The SET token ICO pre-scale will effectively commence on 23rd March at 12:00 UTC and is allocated only for FolleX pre-registered subscribers. The main sale will start on 25th March and all the participants can buy the token over three rounds.

Once the user finishes the “Know Your Customer” and “Anti Money Laundering” process through banking platform provider Crypto Capital; they will be allowed to trade with partnering exchanges without a need for re-verification.

In order to maintain a trusted and efficient trading platform, FolleX provides 24*7 customer and telephone support, live chat and knowledge base videos. In addition, FolleX has 24*7 exchange security monitoring team, certified police cleared staff and cold storage of digital assets to protect the platform from hackers and internal security threats.

FolleX, in partnership with ADCN and Leverate, is all set to change the way a trader uses an exchange platform and turn in more engagement in the trading platform.

When asked, How big of an impact would the partnership with Leverate and ADCN is going to make on FolleX, the team says,

“The Leverate and ADCN partnership are a crucial one. Leverate is at the top of their game in the world in the development of Forex trading platforms and have been well awarded. Their development of social trading technology is advancing daily.”

They further add:

“Australian based ADCN provides direction to Leverate in the development of the unique FolleX platform features. ADCN will manage the global exchange in Australia giving it transparency and accountability under the scrutiny of government regulators. We believe accountability will become a crucial requirement of exchanges within the future.”

On a broader perspective, the FolleX team says,

“Those that understand digital currencies know that they are here to stay. Interest builds daily from the general public in how to take the first step to trading. FolleX, without doubt, will be the most inviting starting point for these people. From there we will ensure to build their trust as they develop their skills in our global community of traders. Our goal is to build a trusted brand that will always be at the forefront of the social cryptocurrency exchange industry.”

Another important Question asked by the AMBCrypto team: How do you think FolleX is going to make a difference to the blockchain and cryptocurrency world?


“Just as Facebook lead the way in the development of online social interaction. FolleX is positioned to lead the way in social cryptocurrency trading.

FolleX has three key platform functions;

* Providing an inviting trading platform for nervous first timers in a knowledge sharing community of traders. No trading skills required.

* A unique rewards system that allows for FolleX SET tokens to be used to wave trading fees. The spent SET tokens are allocated to top performing traders.

* Listing of successful ICO’s tokens for trading. Along with popular cryptocurrencies, FolleX will also list the ERC20 tokens of completed ICO’s that meet requirements.”

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Sthuthie Murthy is a full-time reporter at AMBCrypto. She has been researching and writing about the Blockchain technology for a year now. Her passion for blockchain has led her to be a part of AMBCrypto's news reporting team. She does not hold value in any cryptocurrencies currently.

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First Round of Bibox Orbit Ends a Smash Hit, with FOR’s Price Pumps Over 800%

Guest Author



First Round of Bibox Orbit Ends a Smash Hit, with FOR’s Price Pumps Over 800%
Source: Bibox

The first round of Bibox orbit went live on Monday, April 22nd [GMT+8]. FOR [the Force Protocol], LUD [Ludos], IX [X-block] are the three participating projects listing on Bibox Orbit. During the subscription, there were more than 56,000 participants. The average access rate to three projects reached approximately 11%, per Bibox official statement.

Aries Wang, the co-founder of Bibox, appreciates the enormous enthusiasm from Bibox users. He commented that,

“Our random drawing system ensures a fair playground for all users in accessing project tokens. The average access rate of 11% per user proves the effectiveness of our drawing system.”

FOR paired with BIX is available to trade now on Bibox since 2 pm, April 23rd, [GMT+8]. Within only 1 minute after opening the market, FOR’s price pumped over 800%, compared to its subscription price.

Users now are also able to trade FOR/USDT on Bibox. Trading pair LUD/BIX will be opened on Bibox at 8 pm, April 23rd [GMT+8].

Aries noted,

“Bibox Orbit provides users with diversified investment alternative, also offers everyone an equal participation opportunity. With the personal maximum subscription limit of 5000 USD, everyone has access to it. Bibox Orbit provides token projects a platform to raise fund for the development of their ecosystem. We wish to fully engage Bibox’s resources in supporting top-tier token projects, raising their brand awareness and exposure across the industry.”

Three Projects Tokens Listed on the First Round of Bibox Orbit:

Total participants: 56,000

Average probability of lucky draw: 11%

FOR available to subscribe: 50,000,000 FOR [total token supply 1,000,000,000]

LUD available to subscribe: 50,000,000 LUD [total token supply 10,000,000,000]

IX available to subscribe: 180,000,000 IX [total token supply 5,000,000,000]

About Bibox

Bibox, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges registered in Estonia, has offices in the U.S., Switzerland, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam, with plans to expand to more countries. Bibox traders enjoy secure, stable, and user-friendly digital assets management services, with access to over 100 high-quality coins and over 200 trading pairs. As of April 2019, our registered users have exceeded 2 million. In the last 24 hours, the trading volume reached $847.

For more details contact Ms. Lin or visit here.

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