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Fujitsu’s strategies: IOTA’s tangle for a safe ecosystem and Hyperledger for PoB and PoC

Ranjitha Shastry



Fujitsu's strategies: IOTA's tangle for a safe ecosystem and Hyperledger for PoB and PoC
Source: Pixabay

On 16th July, HelloIOTA, a forum dedicated for IOTA news, published an article about the ‘the IOTA – Fujitsu connection’.

The relationship between Tokyo based IT giant, Fujitsu and the permissionless distributed ledger, IOTA is well registered from the time Dr. Rolf Werner, the CEO of Fujitsu began tweeting and liking #IOTA-tagged posts on Twitter back in 2017. This article covered details regarding IOTA Data Marketplace, Dr. Werner’s joining IOTA foundation, Fujitsu partnership with Intel among other events.

Fijitsu CE's tweet | Source: Twitter

Fujitsu CE’s tweet | Source: Twitter

Fujitsu partnered with IOTA in the month of November 2017, when Dr. Werner addressed the business’ who’s who about the benefits of the Tangle, IOTA’s underlying technology. Post this, Dr. Werner became a member of the IOTA Foundation’s supervisory board. On joining IOTA foundation he said:

“The possibilities of decentralized and secured applications based on IOTA Tangle as a Distributed Ledger Technology are immense.”

Fujitsu at the annual Hannover Messe, a trade exhibition, showcased the IOTA technology and driving the live demonstration was Dr. Rolf Werner, who stated:

“Fujitsu is well-equipped to help roll out IOTA as the new standard by being across both IT services and manufacturing.”

The article mentioned regarding the demonstration. It stated:

“Many people consider Fujitsu’s dedication to be one of many experiments to implement new technology. However, a company like Fujitsu would not promote “yet another crypto coin” at the world’s largest industrial fair (Hannover Messe, Germany) to such an extent, would it? They have gone so far as to produce a full demo for an IOTA-run Industry4.0-factory.”

Fujitsu has shown interest in the IOTA project on various circumstances and continues to do so while they collaborate with other large companies and are also emphasizing on expanding the usage of IOTA.

Earlier this month, Fujitsu announced about the instant availability of a new and extremely rapid ‘blockchain productization framework’ which is designed to enable the development of a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ [MVP].

This framework acts as a consultancy service that is aimed to help companies evaluate if their blockchain ideas and theories are worthy of consideration. The reason for it being labeled as ‘rapid’ is because companies would be able to build their distributed ledger-based MVP in just five days.

The aim of this framework is to recognize and document a specific business method that has the capability to match a full-scale implementation. The IT company calls it a “Proof of Business [PoB] approach, before committing to a Proof of Concept [PoC]”. This is designed to avoid many familiar pitfalls of blockchain plans and focuses on building business benefit. For the project, Fujitsu had adopted ‘Hyperledger Fabric’ for testing purposes.

Fujitsu website mentions about this project with Hyperledger Fabric as:

“Fujitsu is a world-leader in DLTs, holding close to 50 patents concerning blockchain and is deeply involved in the development of DLTs, with an emphasis on Hyperledger Fabric. Hyperledger Fabric is a blockchain framework implementation and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation, a consortium that is developing cross-industry advanced enterprise software for business applications.”

Fujitsu is a leading affiliate on the Governing Board and is a technical steering committee member of Hyperledger. This affiliation attracted attention from users who question if Fujitsu’s emphasis will now be on Hyperledger or IOTA.

A Reddit user commented:

“I‘m gonna ask this straight away. Will Hyperledger overtake Iota? I mean now Fujitsu we already know about IBM etc??”

To this another Reddit user commented:

“It are totally different beasts. IOTA is a public permissionless DLT system, useful for the IoT.

Hyperledger is a private permissioned ledger, which can also be useful for certain products. E.g. own administration, no need to share/communicate with outside world.”

The explanations for Fujitsu adapting Hyperledger came pouring in with another Reddit user’s comment:

“No, they are very different technologies. Fujitsu’s business model is to help partner different companies and offer solutions to very specific needs. It’s not healthy to take a maximalist’s attitude–IOTA solves a lot of big problems, but it can exist beside, and even complement, other technologies in the sector.”

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