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Golem releases Brass Golem Beta 0.17.0, keeps user experience as a focal point

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Golem releases Brass Golem Beta 0.17.0, keeps user experience as a focal point
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On 31st July, Golem released its latest version, the Brass Golem Beta 0.17.0 that is aimed to improve the network capabilities and prevent the system from being overcrowded with access requests. The company has stated that this is done by introducing a concept called Netmasking. This is a process where a 32-bit mask is used to divide an Internet Protocol address into subnets and specify the network’s available hosts.

Golem is a global, open-source decentralized supercomputer that anyone can access which is run by the combined power of the machines of the users in the network. The officials of the company state that Golem can complete asks that ranges from CGI rendering to machine learning.

Golem has also stated that they have updated the Blender library, which is the company’s system to reduce multiple errors in the data verification stage. The other upgrades include the improvement of Golem’s Ethereum transaction layer which will enable faster and more seamless transactions to occur.

The Golem core upgrade also fixes the “new version detection” in the Golem client. The Golem platform has also added support for “concent additional verification” use case, which will allow proper verification of the transactions that occur on the platform. The company states that this will ensure proper data checks and systemic verification rounds.

Julian Zawisowski, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Golem had earlier called Ethereum the most promising blockchain platform. Golem has also stated that the Golem electron network has been upgraded to version 2. The company has also listed that the react, redux and react options of the platform has been upgraded to its latest versions. The three options ensure that the function libraries of the platform run software that is up to date.

The company has also stated that the new 0.17.0 updates give a radical improvement to the user experience and the user interface.

Alison Emily, Cryptocurrency Enthusiast tweeted:

“Very cool guys & a project many people in the #cryptocurrency ecosystem are excited about. So many talented #blockchain folks coming out of Poland. I suggested @glenweyl takes a pitstop over there during his book tour #radicalmarkets. @BobSummerwill “

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