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Google joins Blockchain’s bandwagon as a new entrant

Sthuthie Murthy



Google joins Blockchain's bandwagon as a new entrant
Source: Pexels

Google has joined the Blockchain bandwagon for working on Blockchain services in cloud computing. The giant search engine has made undisclosed acquisitions in this space while it could even license its own distributed ledger system to 3rd party companies.

The Advertising Head of Google said they have been actively looking at how it can use blockchain technology. The search giant was supposedly working on the services of blockchain with cloud computing technology in a bid to take on startups that specialize in this budding technology. They have been looking at it to see if it can incorporate this prominent technology, the senior most Ad Executive said.

Google’s Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy said:

“The company was researching the technology, but had no official product announcements to make.”

The third party ledger license will help Google distinguish its cloud services from peers like AWS, and help secure tones of customer data. Its parent company, Alphabet is in the list of the most active investors in blockchain companies as reported.

The formal announcement from Google regarding the same is awaited. Some senior executives at tech behemoth gave out some clues that Blockchain is being researched and the best utilization of its resources is looked forward to.

Just like all the other new technologies, the team has categorized individuals who are on a constant lookout for potential uses of the blockchain.

Here are a few opinions from the internet enthusiasts:

Maurice Kinman, a Twitter user said:

“There we go, and that’s why Google banned crypto ads. Just like I thought, ban the ads then create their own. Amazon / Facebook/ eBay etc also will for sure work on this next big thing! Twitter should also get started by 100% verified accounts, blockchain proofed.”

Balwinder Singh commented:

“Let us hope it is as centralized as XRP. I have very little confidence that the real innovation in blockchain technology will come from Google. True decentralization challenges their business model in every way. Decentralized version of Google FTW, bring on the decentralized web!!”

Maria Diaz quoted:

“Everyone is developing blockchain now. I wonder how many of these projects actually understand what true blockchain is…  Only the best will survive. Now it’s our task to find out which will.”

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Sthuthie Murthy is a full-time reporter at AMBCrypto. She has been researching and writing about the Blockchain technology for a year now. Her passion for blockchain has led her to be a part of AMBCrypto's news reporting team. She does not hold value in any cryptocurrencies currently.

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