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HSBC: Seventh largest bank in the world rumoured to be blocking cryptocurrency transactions?




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Banks and the cryptocurrency world have been at odds ever since the latter emerged a decade ago. From initially shrugging decentralized currency off as a mere distraction, now the disruptive force has irked the banking industry with the seventh largest bank in the world, HSBC rumored to be halting cryptocurrency transactions.

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation [HSBC], the British multinational financial services giant is purportedly engaging in blocking all transactions related to cryptocurrencies. According to cited sources the reason behind this “censorship,” is because virtual currencies are “volatile.”

According to a Reddit thread by a BlockHeart357 titled, “HSBC Apparently Blocking All Crypto Purchases…?” the author details his conversation with a “customer service agent” of the bank. The author stated that prior to this incident, crypto purchases were carried out “without any major issues,” but then, out of the blue, his card got ‘blocked.’

He stated,

“I come to find out that HSBC now seems to be blocking crypto transactions on all cards, even debit.”

The conversation with the agent attested to HSBC blocking crypto transactions due to the “especially volatile” nature of the underlying assets. The agent reiterated that “for these kinds of transactions,” referring to those pertaining to decentralized currency, the bank had decided to ‘block’ the card of the author in question.

A furious BlackHeart357 stated,

“So what the fuck is my alternative now? Go to a new bank, have to open an entirely new account, all that shit, just to potentially run into the same issue? Go to a Bitcoin ATM and pay an exorbitant percentage fee that is basically thievery? This is horseshit.”

Another inkling of the HSBC-crypto-block was revealed by a Trenton Gaddis, attested to the same, tweeting,

Ambcrypto reached out to HSBC regarding the matter and are awaiting a reply.

Several banks have engaged in issuing threatening notices to customers who transact cryptocurrencies and outrightly blocking them as well. Recently, the Indian private lending financial institution HDFC [Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd] issued “threatening” e-mails to customers purchasing cryptocurrencies.

HDFC, in the notice, told the customer to “clarify” the nature of transactions within a 30-day period, failing which the account would be ‘frozen.’

Another Indian bank, Kotak Mahindra stated that a customer’s Credit Card would be blocked if the bank account was used in the purchase or sale of virtual currencies.

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Bitcoin falls by over 5% in an hour as major correction ensues; altcoins follow suit

Namrata Shukla



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Bitcoin [BTC], the largest cryptocurrency in the world, revisited its glorious highs over the past few weeks. However, it would seem that Bitcoin is falling back to earth since the coin was falling by 5.88% in an hour, at press time.

The coin while falling by 5.88% over the hour, was being traded at $12,251 on Bitstamp exchange. The market cap of the coin was reported to be $224 billion and the 24-hour trading volume was $41.813 billion. Over the past 24 hours, BTC fell by 9.55%, while noting a growth of 35.78% over the week.

Source: Trading view

Source: Trading view

The Bitcoin community was rooting for the coin to cross $14k and after the strong bullish momentum showcased by the coin, the target was not a far fetched one. However, the crash suddenly pulled its price below $13k. Twitter user, @aquinastheory, explained the trend,

“First MA/EMA cross to the downside since June 2nd and the time before May 4th. Either new distribution/accumulation is gonna occur here within the next few days, weeks or we’re going down for sure. #bitcoin $btc #crypto #forexsignals”

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

The coin was highly traded on Binance with BTC/USDT pair, reporting a trading volume of $1.881 billion. followed Binance, noting a volume of $1.686 billion with BTC/USDT pair. The third place was taken by Huobi Global with BTC/USDT pair, with the volume reported to be $1.578 billion.

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