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ICYMI: Ripple’s Ryan Zagone elected to represent 90 payment technology companies

Anirudh VK



ICYMI: Ripple's Ryan Zagone elected to represent 90 payment technology companies
Source: Unsplash

Ryan Zagone, Head of Research on the Business Development team, was recently elected to a task force’s steering committee. The task force in question was the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force Steering Committee.

The task force was launched earlier this year as the first major initiative to upgrade the domestic payment system since the 1970s. The task force reportedly attracted over 300 participants, from a wide range of fields including financial institutions, technology providers, end users, businesses, payment networks, trade groups and more.

This task force is led by a steering committee that represents the various stakeholders, with Ryan Zagone. Zagone was elected as a representative for 90 payment technology companies. Ripple said:

“As part of the Task Force Steering Committee, Ripple Labs is humbled to have been elected by our peers to be a voice of the technology and non-bank service provider sector.”

Zagone’s position at Ripple includes responsibilities with financial institutions, regulators and central banks on infrastructure efforts and faster payments initiatives globally. Before Ripple, he worked on payments innovation and retail bank strategy at Deloitte, a multinational professional services network. Zagone said:

“It’s a privilege to be selected. I look forward to leveraging Ripple’s global experience as the task force assess ways to increase speed, efficiency, access to, and competition in payments.”

Notably, Zagone is a part of the Research Advisory Board on the Better Than Cash Alliance. It is an effort to accelerate digital payments in underdeveloped countries. He went on to say:

“I will continue Ripple Labs’ constructive approach in working with peers, bank partners, and the broader financial industry—including NACHA, IPFA, and the W3C.”

He also said:

“Above all, I am committed to being an open and inclusive presence on the task force, representing the priorities and concerns of fellow non-bank service providers.”

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Anirudh VK is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. He has a passion for writing and interest towards the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. He does not own any cryptocurrencies currently.


XRP: Google Chrome extension to detect trustworthiness of select XRP addresses goes live




Google Chrome extension will detect XRP wallet's trustworthiness of selected XRP addresses
Source: Unsplash

The XRP community is vast and perhaps, the most active community in the crypto-ecosystem. The community’s active presence has led to many developers and new users flocking to the ecosystem. This has also led to the development of several XRP-centric products for the ecosystem.

A Twitter user and a well-known developer, @SchlaubiD, put out a tweet about his latest development of a Google Chrome extension. This extension can be used to identify the trustworthiness of XRP wallets. The tweet read,

Additionally, the developer mentioned,

“If you are maybe seeing #Coil payments on every page, keep calm it’s expected 🙂 The extension also implements a test for monetizing chrome extensions.”

While there are tools for other cryptocurrencies to check the trustworthiness of wallets, this is the first of its kind that lets users check the same, via an extension.

The developer had previously created an extension that allowed users to send XRP via emails. The first extension/add-on allows users to send XRP via Microsoft Outlook, and the second extension made it possible via Gmail.

Micro-payments are well-known and famous in the XRP community due to the nature of the XRP Ledger, which  settles transactions faster. The micro-payments scene caught on after Wietse Wind created XRP TipBot, which is now available on Twitter, Reddit, and other platforms. Ripple supported Wietse Wind with an investment via Xpring, for his future ventures.

A Twitter user, @John_S_cothill, commented,

“Congrats, this looks ace! Possible Gmail extension in future for the businesses that have moved away from Outlook (its a growing proportion), and personal users?”

@bigbuckor, another Twitter user, commented,

“This would be yet another revolution in the way we send money…with this, who would need Western Union?!”

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