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INS Ecosystem joins the big leagues, enters Trusted IoT Alliance

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INS Ecosystem joins the big leagues, enters Trusted IoT Alliance
Source: Unsplash

In a tweet on 12th July, INS Ecosystem announced that it is now a part of the elite Trusted IoT Alliance joining the likes of companies such as Cisco, Bosch and IOTA.

INS Ecosystem's tweet | Source: Twitter

INS Ecosystem’s tweet | Source: Twitter

INS Ecosystem is a decentralized platform that directly connects grocery manufacturers and consumers. The platform makes sure that grocery manufacturers and consumers are connected with each other. It also looks into order fulfillment and allows manufacturers to collaborate and publish their products for sale.

It also helps in carrying out promotional campaigns and segregating feedback from consumers. This enables the customer to take in all the information about the manufacturer and the product. INS is also tasked with creating the open source technology that is the core aspect of creating a successful decentralized system.

Peter Fedchenkov, the co-founder of INS Ecosystem, states:

“We are proud to join the Trusted IoT Alliance and look forward to cooperating with our fellow esteemed member companies in the blockchain and IoT spheres. I’m sure collaboration will be key to the future of our mutual technologies, and our membership will help us achieve even greater things with our enterprise-grade Blockchain Platform for the consumer industries. We hope to move forward side-by-side and meet interesting new challenges together.”

The Trusted IoT Alliance is a program that was launched in September 2017. The main aim of the partnership, according to their official website is to “enable trust in the data produced by IoT systems in a distributed ledger/blockchain agnostic fashion”. The companies who are involved in the partnership will also seek to create a ‘standard smart contract interface’ between IoT devices and different blockchain implementations.

The organization is headed by executives from global giants, which includes officials from Ledger, Foxconn, Spotify, Cisco and IOTA. This move is also expected to give a major push to the development of IoT devices and technologies.

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