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IOTA [MIOTA] launches IOTA Lab, an open community project by AKITA!

Simran Alphonso



IOTA [MIOTA] launches IOTA Lab, an open community project by AKITA!
Source: Pixabay

Lately, IOTA has been collaborating with several NGOs, not just that IOTA has been introducing new features to their already established system such as the IOTA wallet. IOTAs “IAMPASS” launch, a collaboration of Biometrics and Blockchain was also one of their recent launches. IOTA has been backed up by AKITA, who is one of their partners. They are working on ‘Tangle’ and spreading their crypto-deeds!

AKITA is a start-up focused on Distributed Ledger Technologies [DLTs]. Their mission is to make DLT tangible. Akita is currently focusing on the implementation of Proof of Concepts [PoC]. Mostly prototypes that include a hardware component and a reference to the physical world. As a startup, Akita is incredibly agile and can realize functioning prototypes from toy format to real production in the shortest possible time without red tape.

IOTA retweeted AKITAs Tweet that said:

“IOTA Lab” will be an open community blueprint project, funded by the Ecosystem, managed by AKITA and shaped by you!
How does the perfect Maker-/ Office-/ Tech-Space look like (Design, Hardware, Equipment, Rewards…)? #iota #ecosystem #iotalab #community “

When posted on Reddit, Zegir a Redditor commented:

“Look at their page linked in the twitter post, which gives a description and some example projects they’ve done. They’re creating a space open to everyone to create physical devices that take advantage of Iota.”

Akita is based in Singapore, Asia, and is well connected to the European community as well as the market. Their role is to make DLT more specific, such as IOTA Tangle should be a seamless and tangible plan. Therefore they have already built several PoCs based on IOTA. SmartWatch Pulse Sensor data, Weather Sensor Data with XDK, Weather station, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino on the IOTA Data MarketPlace are a few examples of their workpiece.

In order to continue their work in a stable and professional environment, they are currently scouting for a space that is perfect for all different kind of stakeholders who are interested in IOTA and its development. The team at AKITA is looking for people who are able to co-create, develop, test, build and make real-life applications that actually have an impact on daily life.

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Simran Alphonso is a Journalist at Ambcrypto. She has a background in Financial Markets and holds expertise in Digital Marketing.



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