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IOTA [MIOTA] Qubic Lite launched by a 19 year old boy

Simran Alphonso



IOTA [MIOTA] Qubic Lite launched by a 19 year old boy
Source: Pixabay

A 19-year-old German computer science student who is passionate about cryptocurrency and IoT protocol developed Qubic Lite, a community implementation of Qubic Protocol.

To expel a couple of regular misguided judgments about Qubic, IOTA confirmed it to be anything but another token or coin. The first model of Qubic had difficulties to defeat issues. According to IOTA, the IOTA convention was made to help and resolve unsolved issues related to the crypto-world.

Qubic implements and works on that standard, and is made conceivable by free of charge IOTA exchanges, which empowers an approach to securely communicate with the outside world in a monitored and safe environment. Qubic is a powerful distributed fog computing platform for building complex IoT applications, a new type of smart contract. It collects micro-payments in real time as it runs and a reward system for incentivizing honest participation in IOTA’s ‘Tangle’.

Qubic Lite also known as ‘QLite’, is a work-in-progress open-source community implementation of the Qubic protocol, it is intended to be a temporary solution until the official Qubic is released according to the 19-year-old.

Qubic Lite will allow passionate developers to start creating QApps since the lite version is now free and simple to use. Simultaneously it takes away some of the release pressure that is put on the IOTA Foundation, who need time and resources for the tasks they are preparing to launch.

The young Q-lite developer says:

“QLite should under no circumstances be seen as a competitor to the official Qubic.”

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Simran Alphonso is a Journalist at Ambcrypto. She has a background in Financial Markets and holds expertise in Digital Marketing.



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