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IOTA [MIOTA] releases new Beta Version v1.0.0 of JavaScript Library

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IOTA [MIOTA] releases new Beta Version v1.0.0 of JavaScript Library
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On 17th August, Jakub Cech, Product Owner at IOTA Foundation has made an announcement on its official blog page. The developer has revealed that the Beta version of IOTA’s new JavaScript library called “IOTA.JS” is now out.

The team has been busy the past several months making noticeable changes to their core JavaScript Library, he mentions. Further, the main intention behind the update is to make the library more developer-friendly. Therefore making the code-base easily editable by the IOTA community.

The source code is now available for download on their GitHub page. The code base has undergone 81 commits since its initial release. It is a complete rewrite of the Typescript Library. The code has now been completely modularized.

The new Beta version 1.0.0 offers the below as mentioned in their GitHub page:

  • Getting access to API
  • prepareTransfers, a method that works offline
  • checkConsistency which is equivalent to the isPromotable method of the older iota.lib.js.
  • isPromotable has an additional check for transactions falling below a max depth.
  • generateAddress has been added, for deterministic address generation.
  • Added asTransactionTrytes/Object
  • asTransactionTrytes accepts trytes string or array of trytes
  • Extended ASCII conversion issues (#243) have been fixed.
  • extractJson conforms to JSON spec (#231)

While the code base has new features added to it, some of the existing methods and fields have been deprecated and will be removed in the 2.0.0 version they stated:

  • getBundlesFromAddresses
  • isReattachable
  • getTransfers
  • total, returnAll & checksum< options of getNewAddress
  • transfers  A field of an object returned by getAccountData

The foundation has also mentioned that the last release will be made on the original iota.lib.js library which will include certain significant changes. Moreover, all new changes will take effect only on the new library and small bug fixes will be incorporated in the older version.

The team is all set to progress from the Beta 1.0.0 to 1.0.0 version. Some of the key aspects that the team is targetting to achieve are:

  • Persistent storage interface and caching
  • Implementation of a lighter HTTP API using flat buffers
  • Performance improvements by utilizing native code from the Entangled C client

Chris, a developer from IOTA Foundation says:

“Once I discovered IOTA and read the white paper, I realized its obvious potential to fully overcome all current limitations of blockchains. Beyond that, the applications of the Tangle to ensure data integrity, together with Masked Authenticated Messaging are on top of my interests. I truly enjoy working together with the IOTA Foundation on meaningful projects and I’m looking forward to contributing to this great vision.”

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