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John McAfee: Bitcoin will be beaten by three altcoins in particular; shill or shade?




John McAfee: Bitcoin will be beaten by the Altcoins, three in particular; shill or shade?
Source: Unsplash

The computer programmer turned libertarian poster-boy, John McAfee, has long been considered a Bitcoin bull. However, it would seem that the now U.S presidential candidate and crypto-messiah has switched sides and left the king coin’s side. As champagne bottles were popping following Bitcoin’s $12,000 breakout, McAfee decided to take up the cause of altcoin sobriety.

In a recent tweet, while the collective community was celebrating BTC’s pump, McAfee switched topics and instead stated that the “real winners” of the rally would be altcoins. It should be noted that at press time, altcoins held less than 38 percent of the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin’s $227 billion market cap accounting for 62 percent, its highest point since April 2017.

He added that the altcoins that will be at the “top of the heap” will be the ones that bore the major brunt of the crypto-winter which marred the market last year. Three in particular, were highlighted by the 2020 American presidential candidate namely, Tezos [XTZ], Apollo Currency [APL], and Token [MTC].

McAfee’s tweet in full read,

Tezos, the highest ranking of the three by staking the 23rd spot on the coin ladder, has not had a great 2019. After reaching an eight-month high in May 2019, with the XTZ price at $1.79, Tezos took a tumble. As the collective market cap broke $350 billion and Bitcoin shot past multiple resistance levels to make its five-figure return, XTZ fell by 38.54 percent, and was trading at $1.13, at press time.

Apollo Currency and Token are currently pegged at the 170th and 470th spots, respectively. APL is up by 177.2 percent since the beginning of the year, but the cryptocurrency is still trading below its March 2019 high, unlike the corresponding market. MTC has been in constant decline since August 2018.

McAfee, who has a history of supporting altcoin projects, might just be doing the same and a mere mention of three coins to his 979,000 followers is enough to cause a price spike presumably. However, in the long term, the outspoken crypto-playboy remains a Bitcoin bull, with a bet on the 2020 BTC price remaining. If it doesn’t manifest, kids, turn off your television sets.

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