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John McAfee on Docademic [MTC] – Look in the trash for the diamonds, and pick ’em up




John McAfee - Look in the trash for the diamonds, and pick 'em up
Source: Pixabay

John McAfee, the Founder of McAfee Inc, said, “I am choosing Docademic as the healthcare basis of my presidential platform”. He has promised to champion to cause of cryptocurrencies in his 2020 Presidential election run.

“On July 23rd something magic is going to happen”, says McAfee solemnly. “A new app will be released which will allow you to reach out – to what? To help. Psychological help.”

He says:

“We are talking about shit coins every day. Do you ever look in these piles of shit, for the diamonds, the gems?”

The Docademic platform is a healthcare service platform based on blockchain technology that is already in use in many Latin American countries. Users access this platform through the Docademic App, which uses the Medical Token Currency [MTC]. It aims to partner with healthcare institutions and governments to make MTC the preferred token for medical services.

John McAfee had also recently tweeted that popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Exrates and HitBTC support MTC trading.

John McAffee on Twitter | Source: Twitter

Docademic launched their free video telemedicine service in 2016, with verified users in over twenty countries and doctors on call 24/7. The artificial intelligence that the app uses will ensure that users and human doctors can interact to let users receive medical assistance at a time and place of their choice.

John McAfee, talking to Ran NeuNer on CNBC Africa, discussed how he first came across Docademic and explained how he had been won over by its ease of use. He had stressed that consultation was free when using the app because it is changing the world. Healthcare, nowadays, finds it hard to reach out to remote locations, like high up in mountains. With the Docademic app, even these people can benefit from timely consultations.

Docademic aims to solve two very important issues that the healthcare platforms face – accessibility silos and under-served markets. Accessibility silos refer to the pockets of regions that are served by hospitals, while under-served markets are markets that are not wealthy enough to support traditional healthcare services. Both problems are solved by connecting these healthcare services into a single point of access [the app], and thence directing patients to a cure at home or to the right healthcare services.

CryptKeeper replies to John on Twitter:

“I like it. Not only will you have a platform from which to promote cryptos, you’ll have specific cryptos to address the very issues that are constantly brought up in debates, but rarely addressed. Nice.”

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