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John McAfee’s upcoming crypto debit card will be privacy, anonymity-focused




John McAfee's upcoming crypto debit card will be privacy, anonymity-focused
Source: Pixabay

John McAfee has always been vocal about being bullish about Bitcoin. His famous prediction, Bitcoin hitting a valuation of $1 million by 2020, garnered a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency community. The cybersecurity giant’s upcoming Bitcoin Visa Debit card also gained significant traction over the past month. The debit card, which would have a picture of McAfee, would enable users to purchase cryptocurrencies and convert crypto to cash.

In a recent update, McAfee announced that the card would be privacy and anonymity-focused, adding that no details would be required to get it. This is undoubtedly, the first of its kind in the debit card market as it would require no credentials from the customer. Talking about his upcoming roll-out, he tweeted,

“One thing I forgot to mention about my upcoming Visa/Mastercard Crypto Debit Card: I retain the privacy and anonymity inherent in Crypto. We ask only what name you want on the card and what address you want it shipped to. P.O. boxes are acceptable.”

Introducing his Visa/Mastercard crypto debit card, which had “Freedom Lover” and “Get your soul back” written on one side, the 2020 US Presidential candidate announced,

“Yes. The card is accepted everywhere that Visa or Mastercard are accepted. The U.S., Europe, Russia, China, Tierra del Fuego – everywhere. No restrictions.”

Further, the controversial figure was recently bombarded with small amounts of Bitcoins after he posted pictures of both sides of his card on social media platforms. Following this McAfee tweeted,

“When I suggested in my last tweet that naysayers saying the scan code on the back of my Bitcoin Visa card was not even real, should just try sending Bitcoins and see – sure as heck, the BTC started arriving. I insist this stop. Already the IRS hates me.”

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