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Breaking: JPMorgan Chase mobile and online website down: Chase down?

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JP Morgan mobile and online website down
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JPMorgan Chase and Co., an American multinational bank and financial services bank and bank services, seems to be having a shutdown, similar to the one reported by Wells Fargo a few days ago. Here, both the mobile app and the online website are reportedly not working. The online services have shut down in the major cities of the United States.

According to DownDetector, the major cities are noted to be New York, Seattle, Salt Lake City, San Franciso, Las Vegas and Houston. Moreover, according to several users, Chase is also down in Connecticut, Florida, Dallas, and Arizona.

JPMorgan Chase Problem over the past 24 hours | Source: DownDetector

JPMorgan Chase Problem over the past 24 hours | Source: DownDetector

JPMorgan Chase down in the U. S | Source: DownDetector

JPMorgan Chase down in the U. S | Source: DownDetector

Pihxel, a user of DownDector said:

“Both the online website and mobile app aren’t working for me…. I can’t see how much I have for my fees and bills fml :-)”

Gus Izquierdo, another user said:

“Florida is still down. This is really inconvenient! Hope it gets resolved asap!”

Juan, another customer of Chase said:

“I cant see my account on chase app here in Los Angels”

JPMorgan has recently been in news for their entry into the cryptocurrency space with the JPM Coin. Many argued that this cannot be called as a “cryptocurrency” since it will be a bank-backed, centralized asset.

Jamie Dimon had previously stated that Bitcoin would be “crushed” under regulatory pressure from world governments. Their entry into this space makes JPMorgan the first American bank to have its own digital currency. Many from the crypto space have called it a competition to Ripple’s XRP, a cryptocurrency which has been touted as a major “life-saver” for banks.

The Ripple community, however, argue that through Ripple’s xRapid protocol which uses XRP as a bridge for cross-border payments is still the answer to the remittance problem and it is no way a competition to “centralized” bank-backed cryptocurrency.

Even Nouriel Roubini, possibly the biggest critic of blockchain technology called it a joke, he said,

“…It is private not public, permissioned not permissionless, based on trusted authorities verifying transaction not trustless, centralized not decentralized. Calling it crypto is a joke”

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