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Lisk Hub 1.1.0 and Lisk Nano 2.0.0 released, Lisk Core migration underway

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Lisk Hub 1.1.0 and Lisk Nano 2.0.0 released, Lisk Core migration underway
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On 29th August, Lisk has announced on its official Twitter handle the release of the Lisk Hub 1.1.0 and Lisk Nano 2.0.0.

Lisk official Announcement | Source: Twitter

Lisk official Announcement | Source: Twitter

The latest releases are compatible with the Lisk Core 1.0 which is underway of migrating to the Mainnet.  The team recommends all users to update to the latest version of Lisk Hub and Lisk Nano.

On Lisk’s official GitHub page, the details of the release can be found. The implementation help page has been updated with the latest release information. The team has also eliminated the register delegate bug which produced a 404 error.

The GitHub page additionally lists several issues that have now been closed. The list can be found below:

  • Refactor lookup of suggestion placeholder in autosuggest component – Delegate Search
  •  A new design of network switcher in the login page has been implemented.
  •  possible integrations of feedback in Lisk existing services have been investigated.
  • Wrong order of items in the main menu and wrong i18n strings in onboarding
  • Second passphrase registration, Delegate vote, Delegate Registration: Pending tx hangs in activity duplicating confirmed one.
  • Activity: Account info: Error rendering page of not delegate account who voted : Uncaught TypeError: this.props[dataName].map is not a function
  • e2e fails to assert the number of rows in the transaction table
  • Accounts: User can have listed 2 accounts of the same address in devnet.

The GitHub page also lists the merge pull requests that have taken place in the release. The following is the list of merges that have taken place:

  • Fix e2e fails asserting number of rows in the transaction table
  • Refactor autosuggest lookup of placeholder method
  • Show conversion even with not Enough LSK error
  • Hide Added Removed votes for the creation of the second passphrase
  • Register Delegate, prevent sent a request to the core on an empty username
  • Remove lisk_1 output from Jenkins
  • Fix account init e2e
  • Add better sidebar indicator
  • Implement new design for network switcher
  • Prevent saved devnet account listed twice
  • Fix order of menu items, and i18n strings for onboarding
  • Account info bug
  • Second passphrase, register delegate, voting, tx works now.

The Lisk team also posted an update on the Core migration to Mainnet taking place currently [29th August]. According to the team, the estimated block height of  6,901,027 will be achieved soon.

Lisk Core migration to Mainnet underway | Source: Twitter

Lisk Core migration to Mainnet underway | Source: Twitter

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