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Lisk [LSK] announces its command line interface tool release, Lisk Command 1.0.0

Shahrain KM



Lisk [LSK] announces its command line interface tool release, Lisk Command 1.0.0
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On 13th August, blockchain application platform Lisk, announced on Twitter, the release of their command line interface tool, Lisk Commander 1.0.0. The new release is focused on delivering functionality that can essentially interact with Lisk Core using the command line.

Formerly known as ‘Lisky, Lisk Commander is a tool made for the advanced set of users of the Lisk community. Lisk Commander 1.0.0 is said to use the JavaScript library known as Lisk Elements for its technology.

The Lisk development team on their official Medium blog have stated that Lisk Commander comes with a set of brand new features. Lisk Commander has a function known as the ‘get and list’ with one of Lisk’s API [Application Programming Interface] known as the Lisk Core 1.0 API. Through this API function, Lisk Commander can retrieve information associated with the blockchain from a specific network.

Another feature the Lisk crew has added is the “Type 0 to type 4 transactions’’. With this feature, users will be able to sign as well as broadcast their transactions to the network. The four types of transactions include transferring, registering the second signature, registering a delegate, voting for delegates and registering a multi-signature account.  Moreover, when a user obtains a transaction, they can verify the transaction in order to see if it comprises an authentic signature.

The Lisk Commander now has a feature that can authenticate the ownership of a specific account. This is achieved through the ‘sign message and verify message’ command that will prove the ownership of a message or signature.

What’s next for Lisk Commander?

According to a blog by Lisk team, the Lisk Commander will see an alteration in the general framework that would ensure an enhanced experience for users. Lisk plans to move their framework from ‘vorpal’ to ‘oclif’ as ‘oclif’ is not in active development presently.

At the moment, Lisk Commander is programmed for advanced users of the Lisk community. But with the future release of Lisk Commander 2.0, features will be furnished for developers as well as blockchain creators.

The Lisk team have affirmed that with the combination of Lisk Elements and the SDK [Software Development Kit], Lisk Commander could advance into a tool that would be able to ‘create, maintain and interact’ with the Lisk community alongside sidechain and decentralized applications [dApps].

A Redditor named Mmcryto2018, commented:

“Once Again- LISK is performing! Not just talk- Results proved!”

Delegate_endro, another Reddit user commented:

“Great news! I used the beta version with the testnet migration and it was really nice. Hearing 1.0 is released got me excited!”

Another Reddit user, Atomtanz commented:

“I would also like to know this. I have heard we have to wait until version 2.0 before developers can even start building on lisk but I am not sure if it is true or not. I have heard of projects jumping to other platforms as they were sick of waiting for SDK so hopefully it isn’t true.”

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