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Lisk [LSK], Bitcoin Private [BTCP] and 6 others gather support from Trezor

Ranjitha Shastry



Trezor announced support for Lisk [LSK] and 7+ altcoins
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Today, Lisk [LSK] announced on Twitter that they have got support from Trezor, a hardware wallet providing security without sacrificing convenience. Earlier, Trezor had also announced that they have expanded coin and token support for Decred [DCR], Bitcoin Private [BTCP], Fujicoin [FJC], Groestlcoin [GRS], Vertcoin [VTC], Viacoin [VIA], and Zcoin [BUZZ].

Lisk's post on Twitter | Source: Twitter

Lisk’s post on Twitter | Source: Twitter

Lisk is a decentralized network that doesn’t use Proof of Work [PoW] like Bitcoin, or Proof of Stake. Lisk implements a reduced implementation of BitShares’ original consensus algorithm called “Delegated Proof of Stake”. This algorithm makes it possible for every LSK holder to vote for “mainchain delegates” which is responsible for securing the network. LSK is the cryptocurrency of Lisk.

Lisk website mentions:

“To send LSK from one account to another takes 10 seconds, after about 1–2 minutes the transaction can be deemed immutable.”

Trezor on Medium mentioned:

“These coins were added into the device firmware and will be gradually surfacing in Trezor Wallet as well. They can be accessed via third-party applications like Electrum. Vertcoin is available in Trezor Wallet.”

They also added EOS Classic, Ethereum Social, Ellaism, Callisto, EtherGem, and Wanchain. For these coins they have instructed:

“These coins and tokens are generally accessible from third-party applications, developed by the coin developers, or MyEtherWallet/MyCrypto. They are not accessible from Trezor Wallet yet, but we are working on our own Ethereum wallet.”

Lisk at the time of writing has a market cap of $562 million with a price of $5.24 and has seen a downfall of 3.56% in the last 24 hours.

Lisk's trade history showing Market Cap and Price [7 days] | Source: CoinMarketCap

Lisk’s trade history showing Market Cap and Price [7 days] | Source: CoinMarketCap

CryptoG20, a crypto enthusiast, and a Twitter user commented:

“Nice job on the additions. Thank you. Also, will be great when you add #TRON $TRX.”

Ƀilly MacDee, a Twitter user commented:

“Awesome to hear. Thanks @satoshilabs and @TREZOR team.”

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