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Lisk [LSK] spilling good news, Explorer v1.7.0 and core 1.0 – Still stands red at $4.84

Ranjitha Shastry



Lisk [LSK] spilling good news, Explorer v1.7.0 and core 1.0 - Still stands red at $4.84
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Lisk today announced the release of “Lisk Explorer v1.7.0”. This update also includes the addition of Japanese Yen, British Pound, and Polish Zloty price tickers. In this release, the following currency rates are updated in real-time: LSK, BTC, USD, EUR, GBP, RUB, PLN, CNY, JPY.

Lisk Explorer updates | Source: Lisk Explorer webpage

Lisk Explorer updates | Source: Lisk Explorer webpage

Additionally, the updates also include Merged pull requests:

  • Currency picker redesign
  • Replace Chinese Yuan [CNY] price ticker
  • Add British Pound [GBP] price ticker
  • Add Polish Zloty [PLN] price ticker
  • Add Japanese Yen [JPY] price ticker

Note: According to GitHub, Merge a pull request into the upstream branch when work is completed. Anyone with push access to the repository can complete the merge.

Lisk also announced that Lisk core 1.0 is on the public testnet. Lisk Core 1.0 is a hard fork which incorporates several changes. The website mentions:

“A height was picked in order to proceed with a simultaneous global upgrade. This way the probabilities of creating forks are lower.”

Lisk is a blockchain application platform whose aim is to bring blockchain technology to the forefront by an SDK [Sidechain Development Kit] written in JavaScript.

This release was predominantly focused on improvements, code refactors, and minor bug fixes. The most significant completion include the support of multiple networks with one installation. To make that possible, they placed all network-specific files into corresponding directories, with a separate one per network.

Lisk earlier this week also announced on Twitter that they have got support from Trezor, a hardware wallet. Another major achievement that Lisk recently announced was their subreddit just hit 30k subscribers.

According to CoinMarketCap, Lisk currently has a market cap of $520 million with the price at $4.84 and has seen a downfall of 7.17% in the last 24 hours.

bllsnbrs, a Twitter user commented:

“Congratulations, Lisk! Wish you guys a successful public test!”

TerraBellus, another Twitter user commented:

“Many congratulations! You’ve done something amazing and let nothing and no one let you doubt it for a second”

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