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Litecoin [LTC] aims to boost trading volume with #PayWithLitecoin

Arjun B



Litecoin [LTC] aims to boost trading volume with #PayWithLitecoin
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Litecoin foundation has started two campaigns called #PayWithLitecoin and #LitecoinAcceptedHere. Litecoin has started the campaign with a particular tweet:

“Does your business accept Litecoin?”

The representative team of Litecoin has been encouraging users through the tweet to find all LTC users and potentially interested people.

Litecoin has suffered a loss right in the beginning point of the reviving phase of the crypto market. The fifth position in the market belonged to Litecoin for a long time but was recently taken over by Ethereum-backed EOS.

Under the situation, the Litecoin team had decided to take a stand. Massive adoption campaigns are being deployed under the names of “Litecoin Accepted Here” and “Pay with Litecoin”.

There was no particular information which was given in the tweet regarding the project but the Litecoin team has started adoption campaigns to prompt Litecoin and its daily use among the people. The expected result can be that many small and medium businesses will start adopting Litecoin token [LTC] as a payment option for the services or products which they are providing to the people.

If many companies do start to adopt LTC, the price of Litecoin can increase again. The team at Litecoin feels that this could boost the exchange volume of the Litecoin.

On Wednesday, April 25th, 2018, the WikiLeaks shop had announced that they have started accepting the digital cryptocurrency, Litecoin as a payment method. The founder of the Wikileaks shop, Julian Assange, had consistently shown his support for decentralization, data privacy, and the various uses of blockchain technology.

#PayWithLitecoin is spreading like a wildfire through the various social media platforms. Many Litecoin supports and users have been posting tweets in relation to the campaign.

Jon Moore, a Litecoin enthusiast has tweeted:

“A business that accepts a credit card as payment can have the money taken away from them for 6 months after the original sale. Using Litecoin[ LTC] as payments is a great way to prevent consumer fraud happening. Start accepting Litecoin as payment and feel the power back in your own hands!! #paywithlitecoin”

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