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Litecoin [LTC] becoming a high-publicity digital asset with active development calendar

Sthuthie Murthy



Litecoin actively grows
Source: Public Domain Pictures

Litecoin has yet again shown propensity with stable assets and it has been the best performing coin in February. The recent publicity might not have boosted the prices to record peaks but in a dramatic month of shakedowns and rectifications, Litecoin emerged to be an extremely stable asset.

It overpowered the pack of other coins and currencies in terms of performance. There was a point when LTC doubled in value compared to BTC but is slowly drifting off again.

Marc Jacobs a Twitter user tweeted addressing Starbucks,


“Hopefully you will let me buy coffee with Litecoins soon because coffee tastes the best when bought with LTC.”

Litecoin recently released a new core version with minor updates and improvements. Some of the important updates include block discovery and node resources which prevents accidental forking. This works by identifying competing blocks.

Other changes include disabling of competing wallets which means users cannot open copies of the same wallet at the same time. The most important change is reducing transaction fee to the minimum possible value. The team is already busy working on the next update version 0.16 which will bring down the transaction fee to as low as 0.0001 LTC/kb.

Liam, another Twitter user, and Litecoin enthusiast commented,

“Litecoin Core” -any version- is the #Litecoin Project software. After running for the first time it will sync the entire LTC blockchain. It is also a wallet. Now that you got the whole blockchain downloaded, you do not need third party servers to validate your transactions.”

Litecoin experienced a dramatic increase from $87 on the 7th of December 2017 all the way to an all-time high of $375 on the 19th of December. It has since then consolidated like all other token and is currently priced at $209.67.

Charlie Lee, Litecoin creator along with the community is involved in promoting the usage and technology of cryptocurrencies. The recent tweet by Charlie Lee about NANO had positive effects on the price. NANO continued to grow adding up to 6% to the existing value.

Nimbus, a product token/ cryptocurrency platform for small businesses to sell and trade goods and services was previously available only for Ethereum wallets compatible with ERC-20 custom Ethereum tokens. It now accepts Litecoin also.

LTC is about to become more convenient and lucrative with the introduction of Litepay. It is developed using multi-sig technology and features all the SegWit wallet features which are rated the best so far. It is safe from hackers as it is secured using BitGo and what’s better is it runs on all major desktops and browsers.

At a speaking event recently, Tyler Winklevoss, a Facebook pioneer, and a Bitcoin billionaire took this point to a logical conclusion stating,

“Litecoin is basically one big beta test for potential bitcoin features rather than an end in and of itself.”

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Sthuthie Murthy is a full-time reporter at AMBCrypto. She has been researching and writing about the Blockchain technology for a year now. Her passion for blockchain has led her to be a part of AMBCrypto's news reporting team. She does not hold value in any cryptocurrencies currently.


Fake email imitating PayPal “warning” against Bitcoin and crypto purchases spooks users

Sthuthie Murthy



Fake email allegedly from PayPal spooks users
Source: Pixabay

PayPal users received an e-mail with a warning message asking them to cease any cryptocurrency related activity.

John Wesley, a PayPal user commented to this Cryptocurrency warning:

“I am holding an account from 17 years and just out of nowhere I got an email linked to my message this morning.”

He was among the almost 200 million users who received official emails from the company with a letterhead that was titled ‘Cryptocurrency Warning.’


The message read,

“While reviewing your account, we noticed that your activity involves the trading or transfer of crypto currency which is prohibited under our Acceptable Use Policy. As this is not permitted on the PayPal platform we ask that you cease any activity that results in the trading or transfer of crypto currency. If you continue to engage in this activity on PayPal, we’ll be unable to continue offering our services.”

PayPal Holdings, Inc is an American company that is almost two decades old which operates online payments system across the globe. It is an alternative to traditional paper works and other payment methods as this is completely digital and electronically handled. Many huge online vendors, auction sites, and commercial users operate with PayPal for payment for which the company charges a nominal transaction fee in exchange for benefits.

The email

The warning came with a pre appreciation message.

Many users who tried to reply or contact the company officials have noticed and reported that the emails were not genuine. The company’s customer care officials have also replied to users who tried contacting them, confirming that the emails were fake.

The company has not given out any official statements as of now and has requested for some time. They said they will address one complaint at a time as they do not want to whip up a frenzy.

What tricked the users was that the mail was looked legit and instilled fear in everybody. There are speculations and skepticisms in various reddit forums saying this is indirectly related to an attempt to manipulate prices of Bitcoin.

Here are a few user examples who received emails:

Sushanth posted on a forum,

“I got this message from “” addressed to my name with proper text and graphics. It fooled me until I called their phone support to verify it’s fake. PayPal confirmed to me over the phone that the email is fake. PayPal is not banning accounts with cryptocurrency activity. This is a sophisticated attempt to manipulate the price of Bitcoin.”

David Veksler of the Foundation for Economic Education and the Atlanta Bitcoin Embassy explains:

“It appears to be legit, I checked the from address and the DKIM. Then I called PayPal support and she said that from the email address, it does not appear to be legitimate. She then checked my account and said that it is fine – there are no flags of any kind on it. I then posted on the Paypal community site and Reddit, and a bunch of people replied saying that they got the same email.”

A forum commenter questioned, to which another user insisted:

The most recent explanation by a PayPal user was –

“The email address from which the email was received was and not paypa[l].com. The capital ‘i’ was confused for ‘l’.”

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TRON [TRX] Test Net’s countdown launch announced by Justin Sun – Markets turn optimistic!

Neil Kumar



Source: Max Pixel

Justin Sun announced the launch of a countdown timer for TRON’s Test Net which is expected to go live in 12 days on March 31st this year. The TRON community has been waiting for TRON’s Main Net release as it removes the Ethereum dependency and opens doors to a bigger market. The Main Net was initially scheduled for July 1st but now has been preponed to May 31st which could shake things up for TRX.

Justin Sun's announcement of the Test Net countdown

Justin Sun’s announcement of the Test Net countdown

TRON over the past two or three weeks have made major strides in partnerships, updating their tech and getting their tokens listed with various exchanges. Tron, three weeks ago added the former Senior Software Engineer of Meituan and LeEco to their tech to cope with increasing adoption.

Two weeks ago, TRON [TRX] got listed on Bittrex and Upbit, a South Korean exchange which propelled the prices momentarily. It later got added to 6 other exchanges which bumped up the TRX prices again despite the market slow down.


Analysts call the BitGuild and TRON partnership which happened earlier last week to be a game changer as they both share the same vision of a free content entertainment system world-wide.

Both TRON investors and skeptics believe that the Main Net could change things up around and the Test Net will showcase what the team has been working on for so long. Although a clear plan how to change the TRX token from the current ERC-20 to the main net token was not announced, a better clarification from the TRON team is expected soon.

A twitterati believes that this news has come at the wrong time

A Twitterati believes that this news has come at the wrong time

Unlike the tweet above, many from the community believe that this news comes in at the right time and there is a possibility of it coinciding with the time the markets bounce back from its current bearish grip, which if it does could possibly lead to a massive bull run lead by TRON.

Bill Carlton, a TRON investor says,

“Man, I can’t believe they are worried about the price, get smart people, not everything is about the money. TRON has in the past one month done more than most other shitcoins out there. If you have a good token to begin with and an active development team then that’s the recipe for success”

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