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Litecoin [LTC] gets a boost in adoption as HTC’s Exodus 1 phone adds cryptocurrency support




Litecoin [LTC] gets a boost in adoption as HTC's Exodus 1 phone adds cryptocurrency support
Source: Unsplash

Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin, announced earlier that he would be speaking at the at Slush 2018 event in Helsinki on December 6, 2018, and talk about the HTC Exodus 1 phone that has integrated cryptocurrencies like Litecoin [LTC] and Bitcoin [BTC].

Lee always envisioned cryptocurrencies to become the go-to currencies and aimed his creation [Litecoin] to have cheaper fees and faster transactions. In the event, Lee spoke with HTC’s Decentralized Chief Officer Phill Chen and announced that HTC Exodus 1 will be supporting Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The early access to the Exodus 1 phone will have an option to buy it with Litecoin [LTC], Bitcoin [BTC] or Ethereum [ETH] on the website. In addition to the above, the phone has a new storage method that utilizes social key recovery mechanism if the device is lost or stolen. Zion is an integrated wallet that comes with the phone to store Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and various ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens.

Lee is also joining the HTC Exodus team as a consultant, and during the event he stated:

“I’m happy that the much awaited HTC ‘EXODUS 1’ can now be purchased with Litecoin. Ever since cryptocurrency was created, my vision for Litecoin was always to increase the distribution of the currency and use it a foundation for secure transactions worldwide, with the Exodus 1, project HTC is expanding crypto technology to the mobile phone and doing so in a way that protects user’s information and wallets.”

Phill Chen said that the users of the phone have total control over their private keys and added:

“Only when users have full ownership of their own keys, can we enact true decentralization, a vital first step toward protecting users. We see this as a stepping stone to how people will carry their own digital-assets and digital identities in their pockets, in the very way we carry phones today.”

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