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Litecoin [LTC] sees a 6% hike after getting listed on Korbit

Ketaki Dixit



Korbit to launch Litecoin [LTC] trading
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Korbit the biggest Bitcoin [BTC] and Ethereum [ETH] exchange in South Korea, to launch Litecoin [LTC] trading on its platform on April 18th. Multi-trading will remain the same and LTC wallet will be integrated. However, withdrawals will be suspended from April 17th, 2018, to April 19th, 2018 for LTC Wallet integration. L-address, 3-address, and M-address are the 3 types of LTC addresses available, which may be often confused with BTC address.

One of the oldest Korean exchange, Korbit, currently supports the trading of Bitcoin [BTC], Ripple [XRP], Ethereum [ETH], Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Bitcoin Gold [BTG], and Ethereum Classic [ETC].

The announcement has given Litecoin a boost and is currently the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency. Litecoin [LTC] is currently trading at $135.10 and has recorded a 5.88% growth in the past 24 hours. In the last few weeks, the prices of LTC have maintained stability with no sudden spikes or drops. Even though Litecoin is already available on several other exchanges, new listing will only give it a boost.

According to the official website, the Founder of LTC, Charlie Lee, will personally send LTC to the top traders during the first week of trading. Rank 1 trader will be given 50 LTC, rank 2 will receive 25 LTC, rank 3 will receive 10 LTC, and rank 4-6 will be given 5 LTC each. Only users who trade LTC/KRW will be eligible for this.

Charlie Lee tweeted:

“Tomorrow, Korbit will launch LTC trading. It’s awesome that one of the oldest Korean exchanges will now support Litecoin. I still remember asking Korbit many years ago. I have donated 100 LTC for a promotion”

Ben Ten, replied to Charlie Lee’s tweet:

“Good stuff Charlie. I don’t think the 100 LTC promo is a good idea though it lends validity to the scammer’s appeals”

James Jung, a Twitter user said:

“This is fantastic news. Korean exchanges DO NOT list any new crypto for no reason. They know something, and they smell something”

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Ketaki Dixit is a Journalism major from Jain University. She has about 1-year experience in the field and is passionate about blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency world.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] rolls out iOS version of Bitcoin Cash Register

Rishi Raj



Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin Cash [BCH] recently made headlines when the CEO of, Roger Ver got involved in a bet of $10,000 with Tone Vays, a popular Bitcoin maximalist which the former lost. After launching a free point-of-scale solution, Bitcoin Cash Register for Android operating systems, and its developers have rolled out an iOS version of the same.

Bitcoin Cash register allows anyone with an Android or iOS device to accept BCH payments. This came as a part of the company’s agenda to promote the adoption of crypto in the mainstream. With the installment Bitcoin Cash Register, it would be easier for retailers to accept BCH as payment from customers.

As reported by, Bitcoin Cash Register claims to be easy to use without any prior account registration and the transactions are carried out in a non-custodial manner. This was confirmed by via a tweet:

The bet between Roger Ver and Tone Vays regarding the low transaction fee had left the social media divided, with proponents on both sides arguing about the authenticity of the bet and factors taken into consideration while betting.

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