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Litecoin [LTC] Technical Analysis: Bears mutilate the silver to Bitcoin’s gold




Litecoin [LTC] Technical Analysis: Bears mutilate the silver to Bitcoin's gold
Source: Unsplash

Litecoin [LTC], the former seventh-largest cryptocurrency in the world has recently lost its spot to Tether, a stablecoin. Now, Litecoin stands in the eighth spot, with market cap hanging at $1.76 billion and the 24-hour trade volume holding steady at $426.57 million.

The 24-hour change for prices is positive at 3% while the longer time frame of seven days shows a massive decline of 14.20%.


Source: CoinMarketCap

The downtrend for Litecoin extends from $37.29  to $29.69 with no uptrend in sight. The support for Litecoin at $27.25 was almost tested on December 6, 05:00 UTC. The resistance points for Litecoin can be seen hanging at $29.74, $35.29, and $37.29.

The Parabolic SAR markers are formed below the price candles and are supporting them in a bullish trend.

The MACD indicator shows a bullish crossover to the top as the MACD lines have crossed over the signal line.

The Awesome Oscillator shows a transition of red bars into green, and the green bars are depleting and might be heading towards a bullish crossover.


Source: CoinMarketCap

The one-day chart seems to be always going down as the downtrend dips from $125 to $33.45. The long-standing support for Litecoin is set up at $28.60, while the long-term resistance points are seen hanging at $101.11 and $62.87.

The Bollinger Bands are undergoing a squeeze and the prices have touched the simple moving average, indicating that the prices have recuperated.

The Relative Strength Index is bottoming at the 30-mark, which is an indication of an oversold market.

The Chaikin Money Flow shows a massive money outflow for Litecoin as the CMF has dipped way below the zero-line.


The one-hour charts show a bullish trend for Litecoin as indicated by the SAR, AO and MACD indicators. The indicator in the one-day charts isn’t as bullish as in the one-hour charts. The CMF and RSI indicate a bearish move for Litecoin but the Bollinger Bands indicate otherwise.


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Bitcoin [BTC]: King coin’s Golden Cross confirmed; Greenspan hints at bullish market




Bitcoin [BTC]: King coin’s Golden Cross confirmed; Greenspan hints at bullish market
Source: Pixabay

Bitcoin’s much-awaited Golden Cross, which many analysts claimed will lead to a resurgence of a bullish market, has been confirmed. The intersection of the 200-day moving average and 50-day moving average, which indicates the Golden Cross, was achieved over the past few hours.

Earlier today, the top cryptocurrency saw a massive rise after days of sideways movement. Bitcoin’s ascendance saw it break the $5,350 resistance level, which eToro’s Mati Greenspan had previously suggested will consolidate “buying pressure.”

Source: TradingView

Additionally, a major psychological level of $5,500 was also surpassed less than three weeks after Bitcoin broke the $5,000 mark.

The Golden Cross theory holds credibility among analysts in the cryptocurrency realm as it infers that the coin’s average price is above its 200-day equivalent. For the first time in over a year, the cryptocurrency market has seen its 50-day MA move above the 200-day MA, which according to many is a sign of a bullish market.

On the opposing side of the Golden Cross indicator is the Death Cross, where two indicators cross over into a bearish market i.e. the 200-day MA moves above the 50-day MA. The Death Cross manifested in April 2018, after the prices went into a free fall following the December 2017 high.

In April 2018, BTC was priced at just over $7,000, following which it lost more than 50 percent of its price by the end of the year. The price of the king coin has recovered exceedingly well in 2019 however, winning back almost 50 percent of its lost value.

Many analysts, including Greenspan, agree that the crossing of the two moving averages is a clear testament to the return of the bull market. Although he didn’t quite use those words, Greenspan tweeted,

“Ladies & Gents… The Golden Cross!
Bitcoin’s 50-day moving average (gold) crossing above her 200-day moving average (blue). 📈
This is yet another sign that we’re back in a🐂market. 🚀🌛”

However, in an exclusive interview with AMBCrypto last week, Greenspan had stated that the Golden Cross theory is a “lagging indicator,” as the Death Cross was last seen in April 2018, months after the market took a bearish turn.

In his view, the 200-day moving average is the key indicator. On April 2, Bitcoin broke this mark for the first time since March 2018, by recording a massive 17 percent daily gain and rising above $5,000.

Based on historic price changes with reference to the Golden Cross, the last time the 50-day MA soared above the 200-day MA, price of Bitcoin rose by over 8000 percent from $246 in October 2015 to almost $20,000 in December 2017. Given past market movements, the current market scenario, and the optimism in the air, the Golden Cross may just have initiated the Bitcoin bull market.

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