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Priyamvada Singh



In the second part of the AMBCrypto Exclusive, Mati Greenspan, the Senior Market Analyst at eToro answered a few questions on the state of XRP and its progress on the market front. He also discussed the possibility of the Litecoin [LTC] come back in the market if the ecosystem continues to progress and make significant developments.

When asked about XRP and if it is safe to invest in, he stated that XRP is still considered as a high-risk asset. According to him, there are several factors that are standing in the way of mass adoption. He further revealed that Ripple released a report that mentioned that the project is only 25% likely to succeed in the long-term. He also explained:

“So we need to take that into account. So yes, if it does end up becoming the standard for global payments, then certainly, it stands a lot to rise in value, even in a very short amount of time. However, when you’re thinking about an overall portfolio, you don’t want to risk too much of your equity that is only a 25% chance of coming to pass.”

Regarding Litecoin, Greenspan had conducted a comparative analysis wherein he found that the coin is currently undervalued in the cryptocurrency market, considering its daily transaction volume and usage. He stated that Litecoin actually does have a lot of adoption, strong community, network value and transaction volumes, something that a lot of other, newer crypto-assets do not have.

On being asked about his favorite altcoin and the recent Twitter poll conducted by him, he stated that he is bullish on the top coins, such as Bitcoin [BTC], XRP, Ethereum [ETH], Dash [DASH] and EOS. Furthermore, the market analyst suggested:

“I’m mostly bullish on most of the top ones: Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, EOS, Dash. So these are the ones I believe strongly in. Now obviously, we have to be diversified but when you have the part of high-risk assets in your portfolio, you can diversify even further.”

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Priyamvada is a full-time journalist at AMBCrypto. A graduate in Journalism & Communication from Manipal University, she believes blockchain technology to be a revolutionary tool in advancing the future. Currently, she holds no value in cryptocurrencies.



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