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MediaX: Providing branding and PR solutions for gaming and NFT projects



Building a successful NFT project is a lot of work, but it is doable with the correct branding and public relations. MediaX, a renowned blockchain marketing agency, can assist you with the heavy lifting of branding and marketing your projects.

The NFT market has been booming in the last year, with a 2100% increase in the first three months of 2021. As is customary, people are beginning to view the NFT market as the next goldmine, and there has been a massive influx of public investment into the space. 

NFT projects are sprouting up everywhere, and if you want to launch your own NFT project, you risk “mixing with the crowd,” and only projects that stand out can withstand the test of time in the highly volatile NFT market. 

To make your NFT project stand out, you’ll need proper PR and branding, which blockchain marketing experts like MediaX can only provide. MediaX agency provides world-class PR and Media placements services on top media outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Inc, Entrepreneur, Cointelegraph, TechCrunch etc. They also provide Shilling services on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, YouTube & 4Chen, and Influencer marketing in TikTok, Twitter & YouTube with amazing track records.

Blockchain marketing agencies, such as MediaX, have been active in the blockchain space for some time and understand the steps taken to get your project noticed. Marketing your project in the current NFT space would be extremely difficult, as there are many projects all vying for your target audience. However, working with a reputable marketing agency, such as MediaX, may be all you need to get your project to scale as quickly as possible in the NFT space. 

MediaX, founded in 2019, has completed over 200+ projects such as Sharing DAO,, IMCoin, Venus, Swipe, CVNT, Trias, Mdex, RARA, Onion Mixer, DDEX, Plethori, APYSWAP, SWASH, Safemars, Melos, Realm, XT Exchange, BHX, Zookeeper, Quidao, Embr, Degethal, Double Dice, Soltie, Expovision, Ten Finance, CoinChange, DXB Pay, Squid, Dragon Mainland, FMCPAY, GameFi, AkoyaLegendsand, Infinite Launch and many more in a short period, making them a leading agency to outsource your marketing needs to. 

MediaX assists your project in being featured on top media outlets such as Bloomberg, Coindesk, and Forbes, to name a few. This provides your project with the credibility and publicity it requires to scale in the NFT sector. In addition, MediaX also includes branding and other types of marketing services, giving your NFT project the best chance of success in the NFT sector. 

With MediaX’s track record and success rate in the NFT and blockchain space in general, there is no better partner to work with to launch your project into the spotlight. To get in touch with the agency for your marketing needs, call them at:

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.

With Masters in Mass communication and journalism, Anjali's interests lie in blockchain technology adoption across emerging economies.

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