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Mimblewimble’s Grin added on Bittrex after multiple requests pour in from the community

Akash Anand



Mimblewimble's Grin added on Bittrex after multiple requests pour in from the community
Source: Unsplash

The cryptocurrency market has been on an upturn recently, with a majority of the cryptocurrencies seeing green across the spectrum. This bullish rise has been fueled by multiple updates and developments coming in from a lot of cryptocurrency companies and networks.

On February 9, Bittrex International, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, announced that the Grin market is open for deposits and trading on the platform. The exchange has also said that withdrawals for Grin will be enabled soon. Grin had made major news recently when it was announced that the privacy-oriented coin fell by 97% in a day. Eric Meltzer of primitive Ventures had mentioned during the launch of Grin that:

“There is (by our conservative estimates) 100 million dollars of mostly VC money invested into special-purpose investment vehicles to mine Grin. This does a lot of weird things: it turns a bunch of people who would have been buyers of grin into sellers of it, it changes the composition of the early holder roster, and it means the chain will launch with an extremely high degree of security via high PoW hashrate.”

Grin has also captured the attention of a lot of technology honchos, which includes Litecoin creator Charlie Lee and Mastering Bitcoin author Andreas Antonopoulos. Charlie Lee had said the currencies are able to “do privacy and scalability without sacrificing anything”.  He also stated:

“The issue I have with side changes has always been like how do you secure it […] so having a separate coin seeker by mining, I mean, that security still the best right before work security so yeah it could be done as a side chain for a Bitcoin and for like coin. I’m not sure how useful it is as a side chain or how secure it is as a side chain.”.”

The last time Bittrex was in the news was when a technical glitch on the platform caused mass hysteria amongst users. The incident took place on January 30 after which it took a lot of users to get an answer out of Bittrex, The exchange had tweeted:

“We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are encountering technical difficulties. We are working as quickly as we can to have access restored. We will continue to provide updates as we confirm more information.”

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John McAfee says he will reveal Nakamoto’s identity, Coinbase expands to 11 countries, and more





John McAfee says he will reveal Nakamoto's identity, Coinbase expands to 11 countries, and more
Source: Unsplash

Daily Crypto News – April 18

1. John McAfee on Satoshi Nakamoto: The Founder of McAfee Associates stated that he would narrow down on the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto until he reveals Satoshi himself, otherwise he would reveal his identity to the crypto community. He also spoke about how he knows about Satoshi, to read about it, click here!

2. Coinbase expands its services to more countries: The leading exchange platform announced that it expanding its services to 11 more countries, which includes India, South Korea, and New Zealand. People in these countries can avail services provided on, Coinbase Pro and its app on iOS and Android.

To know more about the countries Coinbase has expanded to, click here!

3. Craig Wright says the crypto-community want to silence him: Craig Wright, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto, stated that the majority of the community was against him as they “desire to silence” him because they see someone who would bring an end to scams and pumps and dumps.

He also spoke about the next steps he would be taking in terms of the legal action concerning his defamation case. To read about it, click here!

4. Binance “marks the birth of a new genesis block”: The largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of trade volume announced the launch of its Decentralized Exchange, and also stated that the mainnet swap would take place on 23 April 2019.

To read more about Binance DEX, click here!

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