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Monero Classic [XMC] is now trading on HitBTC

Arjun B



Monero Classic [XMC] is now trading on HitBTC
Source: Wikimedia Commons

On 21st May, one of the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange called ‘HitBTC’, announced that Monero Classic [XMC] has been officially listed on their platform for trading. HitBTC has also mentioned the following trading pairs which are available in the exchange:

  • Monero Classic [XMC] – Bitcoin [BTC]
  • Monero Classic [XMC] – Ethereum [ETH]
  • Monero Classic [XMC] – Tether [USDT]

HitBTC is one of the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange which has been providing markets for more than 300 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Tether, etc. The exchange platform has gained its reputation with its core matching engine which offers traders a wide range of features like real-time clearing and matching algorithms.

Now that Monero Classic has been listed on the platform, the users can now start the purchase, trade, and exchange of XMC. At 12:00 PM UTC, XMC was currently trading $7.43 while the prices dropped at a rate of 12.90%.

After the hard fork of Monero, at block height 1546000, Monero Classic [XMC] has retained the cryptoNote protocol, all the parameters, and features of the original Monero chain. The team of developers at Monero Classic said that they are going to continue to develop a surrounding ecosystem with the features for the original chain of Monero.

Monero Classic has all the advantages of a decentralized cryptocurrency without any privacy concerns as it uses ring confidential transactions, ring signatures and stealth addresses to make unintelligible the amounts, origins, destinations and other details of the transactions.

The transactions on the Monero Classic blockchain are untraceable as they can’t be linked back to a particular user or identity. The units of Monero Classic cannot be blacklisted by exchange or vendors because it is fungible in nature.

James Tim, a crypto enthusiast says:

“ASIC friendly Monero chain $XMC #MoneroClassic is on the hitBTC exchange now”

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