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Monero [XMR] release ‘Lithium Luna’, it provides full LedgerHQ support!

Simran Alphonso



Monero [XMR] release 'Lithium Luna', it provides full LedgerHQ support!
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Monero had added some new features to its digital money wallet. Monero impelled its cryptocurrency wallet a month back which offered various fascinating highlights. The progressions were seen and admired by XMR clients. According to reports, Monero overhauled its wallet once more. 

Earlier today, the new release of the updated Monero Software was announced.

Monero tweeted:

“Monero CLI v0.12.2.0 ‘Lithium Luna’, which includes full @LedgerHQ support, released!”

Cryptomenu a Twitter user commented:

“again, when will @LedgerHQ announce the full  $xmr #monero support? 99.99% of us only want to connect the fukin wallet and move the fukin coins. we don’t care anything more. when is soon™? it’s  been 84 fukin years already, put ur sh1-t together, my grandma is mad!”

Monero in the comments also mentioned about a new release, they said:

“The GUI v0.12.2.0 binaries will, probably, be released later this week.”

This is the v0.12.2.0 point arrival of the Monero programming, and it is a piece of the v0.12 arrange wide refresh. The real discharge was because of the April sixth system refresh, which thus expanded the base ring mark estimate, arranged data sources so as not to spill wallet choice by inference.

Monero slightly even changed the proof-of-work algorithm to prevent DoS attacks by ASICs. This arrival of the product displays various real changes to Monero, and in addition, an expansive arrangement of bug fixes.

The real features of this discharge are:

  • Changed PoW to piece DoS assaults from ASICs
  • Added input requesting to avoid wallet deduction
  • Includes Multisig support
  • Includes help for SunOS/Solaris
  • Help for Ledger Nano S Hardware wallet

These are a few of the features that Monero has explained on their authorized GitHub handle. 

This launch of Lithium Luna was the immediate consequence of 87 individuals who worked, to a great extent, unpaid and philanthropically, to put out 1,649 commits containing 56,735 new lines of code.

At the time of writing, XMR is ranked #12 on CoinMarketCap, it has a trading price of $162.18 with a market cap of $2.6 billion. XMR has seen a fall of 1.09% in the past 24 hours but weekly growth is green at 3.84%.

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